Eat fresh food and know exactly where it comes from with new farm delivery service

A new initiative is helping people connect with farmers in their area, for delivery straight to the door.

They say you are what you eat, though it’s not always easy to know what is in our food.

Whether it’s because supermarkets make it hard for us, or it’s easier to bury our head in the sand, us Brits aren’t always so clued up on what we consume.

But now the hard work is being done for us, and we can finally access fresh food at a few clicks of the button.

A new initiative called Farms To Feed Us, set up by food activists during the coronavirus pandemic, helps people connect with farmers in their area.

[Credit: Dane Deaner]

By encouraging consumers to join forces with local growers, the project supports the ‘farm to fork’ idea whereby people understand where their dinner comes from.

The Farms To Feed Us team have created an open database of more than 300 farms around the UK who sell vegetables, meat, and dairy directly to the public.

This means you can find the farm closest to your postcode to serve up your next meal.

Speaking about her campaign, founder Cathy St Germans said she came up with the idea to help struggling farmers sell their products – after the restaurants they usually supply to were ordered to close their doors during the devastating lockdown.

[Credit: Harry Dona]

Cathy explained: “I wanted to show that great small-scale farms and farmers are still out there, providing amazing food.”

Chatting to Positive News, she said: “And the quality of their soil and the compassion they show to their livestock really does make a difference to the quality of the food.”

While the initiative was created as a sticking plaster for losing money during the crisis, Cathy hopes the service will continue as a permanent fixture.

She added: “In a way, the virus has highlighted some of the issues that were already not right with our food system.

“People are getting a real insight now into what goes into creating our food.”

[Credit: Farm To Feed Us]

When the UK went into quarantine back in March, many consumers were forced to assess their eating habits after failing to secure supermarket delivery slots.

It has since been reported that four out of five people say the pandemic has changed their food habits; driving them to cook, eat, shop and think about food differently.

For more info, or to place an order, click here: Farms To Feed Us.


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