See how future of cinema will look in post lockdown world

An events manager from Leeds has mastered a new experience for Brits with an American drive-thru flavour.

While many of us are pining for our pre-coronavirus lives, you might not miss having popcorn thrown at your head by the kids in the row behind anymore.

So, you might be grateful that the future of cinema is destined for a change.

And now, picturehouses and big chain complexes such as ODEON and Cineworld are exploring ways to reintroduce movie life that will honour social distancing measures.

But one woman has already nailed it, and it could change the face of film forever.

Self-employed events manager Rhian Hughes from Leeds has mastered a new experience for Brits that has a taste of American drive-thru flavour.

Joining forces with the Multi Story Picture House Drive-Up Cinema, Rhian has curated an outdoor cinema which allows people to enjoy the silver screen in a safe way.

Rhian’s mission echoes that of the drive-in gigs taking place across London in August.

Chatting about her new venute, Rhian said: “Unfortunately, like many others, when lockdown came in all of my current and future work contracts were cancelled.

“It’s been a difficult time for live events, and I realised that the prospect of getting any new work in at least the next six months was very unlikely, so I tried to spend my time focusing on how to create work for myself.”

Speaking to the University of Leeds, where she attended as a student, Rhian added: “I wanted to give people something to look forward to, as well as help generate some work in an industry that has ground to a halt.

“The support has been amazing. I’ve been able to connect with a lot of different people across varying industries, some of which I’ve been able to contract on the event too.

“I’ve set myself what some might describe as an incredibly ambitious target for ticket sales (giant LED screens don’t come cheap).

“It’s made for a very interesting lockdown experience, that’s for sure.”

Screenings are scheduled to take place this weekend over July 17-19 at Bowcliffe Hall near Wetherby, West Yorkshire, with hopes it may become a permanent fixture.

Back To The Future will kick-off proceedings on the Friday, with The Goonies, Chicken Run, Shaun Of The Dead, and Mamma Mia also in the mix.

The cherry on the cake, food and drink will be available from local Yorkshire suppliers to order via an app and delivered straight to the car.

To book tickets, visit Drive-Up Cinema.

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