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Interracial couple become accidental stars after wedding video goes viral

Couple’s cultural differences spark outpouring of love as Amit and Michelle now run YouTube channel.

While many of us have may have idols from the silver screen or catwalk, some role models have a little more of the girl or boy next door vibe.

And Amit and Michelle Patel are nothing short of modern-day icons.

The childhood sweethearts, who have been together since they were 13-years-old, went accidentally viral and used their newfound fame to shine a light on interracial couples.

Posting their wedding video online, which paid tribute to Amit’s Indian heritage and Michelle’s Ghanaian roots, the couple celebrated their different cultures with traditional dance from both backgrounds and vows that stated: “Your people shall be my people.”

The heart-warming footage and hashtag #IndiaMeetsGhana certainly caught the eye of social networkers as the video went on to accrue more than 2million views on YouTube.

Inundated with messages of love and support following their 2016 nuptials, the Croydon pair struggled to keep up replying to everyone while holding down their regular day jobs.

So, on a mission to continue their message of ‘love wins’, Amit and Michelle decided to kickstart a YouTube channel and document their life together.

Fast-forward to today, the husband and wife duo, both 27, now run their channel to encourage positivity of bicultural unions.

Living their lives online, they continue to share videos which cover anything and everything from Amit’s weight loss journey, to the birth of their children, to bringing humour to controversial topics of ‘black people being loud and Indians smelling of curry’.

Speaking about their lifestyle shift, Michelle said: “Probably people see our picture and think, ‘that’s so cute’, but they don’t know the work that’s gone on behind it.

“In fact, when Amit told his Indian parents that he had fallen in love with a Ghanaian girl, his disappointed mother offered to help him end the relationship.”

Chatting to Positive News, Amit added that support for couples from different ethnicities is still quite limited, saying: “It’s quite a niche topic. You can’t just type it into Google or walk to the person next door and say, ‘can you help me with this?’”

To check out their brilliant channel, visit: India Meets Ghana.

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