Lingerie brand turns modelling industry on its head as they hire models BEFORE seeing them to boost diversity

Lingerie brand embarks on ‘anti-casting’ mission, to select models by their stories instead of aesthetics.

While some brands are making steps to approach diversity, such as ASOS including wheelchair-user models, the beauty industry still dictates what we deem to be beautiful.

Until now.

One lingerie brand has embarked on an ‘anti-casting’ mission, by snubbing tradition and selecting stars based on their backgrounds not their aesthetics.

The Underargument – a portmanteau of ‘undergarment’ and ‘argument’– invites wannabe fashionistas to send in stories about why they want to get involved and actively discourages people from including photographs or personal body measurements.

[Credit: The Underargument]

Speaking about the project, founder Maïna Cissé said she believes in the power of individuality and arguing against the norm.

She explained: “As I often say, the world did not need a new lingerie brand.

“But using a product that’s so close to our skin as a medium reminding us daily to embrace everything that is us made a lot of sense to me.

“This is why I set to start a platform that would be both a content site sharing authentic inclusive stories and an empowering lingerie brand.”

[Credit: The Underargument]

The collection has evolved so that each lingerie piece is named and labelled after an empowering quote to remind the wearer to embrace their uniqueness.

Our personal fave is the ‘For Loving / Against Conforming’ range, featuring ultra-sexy white bra and knicker sets with see-through panels and flattering high-waisted undies.

If darker tones are more up your street, take a peek at the ‘For Identity / Against Stereotypes’ collection, which include black 50 Shades-esque inspired pieces.

[Credit: The Underargument]

Maïna continued: “These underarguments come to life through the collections but also through the stories of the women who vulnerably volunteer to share their life experience.

“All the women have been selected for the story they chose to share with us, we select these before we know what the women look like (we only meet them on shoot day) and without asking for their size.”

The team offer bra sizes ranging from 28B to 38E and thong sizes 6-16, while also aiming to cater to many more glorious body types should customers request.

To take a look at the products, click here: The Underargument.

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