Dog leaps overboard to play with dolphin and become unlikely pals

Meet best buddies Jojo the dolphin and Zyzz the dog.

We think we may have just stumbled across a storyline for the next Pixar movie.

Meet best buddies Jojo the dolphin and Zyzz the dog.

These two adorable creatures have formed an unlikely friendship, and now go for regular swims together as they play in the ocean.

Oh, and they’re pretty famous too.

While most of us regular folk struggle to get a couple of hundred followers on Insta, Jojo has a casual 63k admirers and Zyzz is closing in on a cool 20k at the time of publication.


The pair became pals after Zyzz’s owner, who runs Wake To Wake Watersports, took him out on a boat and introduced him to the sea.

Wake To Wake Watersports – based in the Turks & Caicos Islands – offer a variety of activities from wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tailored trips to suit the individual.

Founder Mark De Fraine spoke about his pup’s bond with Jojo, and just how smart and friendly the aquatic mammals are.

Mark explained: “Jojo will go underneath you [when surfing or boarding] and just cruise.

“He’ll look straight into your eyes. You can see there’s a little bit of confusion in his face, looking over and seeing, like, ‘How are you doing this with me?’

“He loves the surfing… He’ll sit behind the rider and jump up from behind. He’s just riding the wave like the surfer is riding the wave.”

Chatting to Wild Hearts, Mark continued: “When we started the business, he just seemed to love coming up and interacting with us.

“You can recognise Jojo because he’s 35-40 now, you can see the age in his face, the wrinkles around his eyes.

“And when there’s a dog aboard the boat, Jojo can’t wait to say hello and play.”

Mark explained that as soon as Zyzz jumps into the sea, he tries to dive down and the animals start playing in the water together.

He added: “Jojo definitely really likes playing with the dogs and that’s why they get on so well when they’re together – because they just want to play.”

And Jojo isn’t always alone, sometimes he brings his baby Scooter and Scooter’s mum Bow, with the dolphin family joining in with playtime alongside Zyzz.

The majestic creature that is Jojo has sparked a huge wave of local popularity, with residents rallying around to campaign against a dolphinarium which intended to capture the dolphins and keep them in captivity for tourists to visit.

Elated by the support, Mark said the dolphins are so much more intelligent than people give credit as he can see them think and actually process thoughts. They also recognise people underwater by looking in-between the person’s mask to see their eyes.

Mark said: “They’ve got personalities, they’re more human-like than other animals.”

Click here to become cyberspace friends with Jojo and Zyzz.


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