Au natural! Public reveal how lockdown has forced beauty habits to shift

At Uspire, we spoke to members of the public to find out just how their outlook to beauty has changed.

Makeup, check. Nails, check. Hair, check. The Holy Grail of getting ready for a night out.

Only, there haven’t really been so many nights out lately. And these days, that trilogy looks a little more like au natural with pyjamas and bedhead.

Yet with salons flinging their doors wide open again after four months of lockdown, the beauty industry is hungry for business from clients old and new.

However, it seems that being locked inside has had a profound impact on people, with many former beauty addicts now rejecting their rituals to adopt a more carefree attitude.

At Uspire, we spoke to members of the public to find out just how the outlook on their aesthetics has changed and why…

Emma Jones, 31

“I would always wear makeup to work and continued to get ready ‘properly’ for work for weeks but that all stopped! I never wear make-up in the day now and I feel I look like a clown if I have it on. It’s so bizarre.

“Nails I usually have long and always a mad design, so having unpainted stubs was never going to be okay. I painted my own, badly, and used press-on nails just to lift my mood.

“I got my partner to dye my hair and he even removed and refitted my hair extensions with a YouTube tutorial and a pair of pliers.

“My desire for make-up has completely changed. Now, my foundation is saved for if I’m going somewhere nice. I don’t think I’d ever give myself anything more than eyebrows ever again when I go into office. And glad of it. I also leave my hair to dry naturally now and wash it once a week. It looks nicer and feels healthier for it.

“But nails, FORGET IT!!! I’ll keep spending on them every three weeks. I felt like a new woman when I bounded out of the salon after getting them done. But it did make me realise how much maintenance they are and I’m not sure I want to go back to that life.”

Amy Nicholas, 25

“Personally, I have never been one to get beauty and hair treatments done regularly, so not being able to go to a salon over the last few months hasn’t affected me too much, but I have always used makeup as a bit of comfort blanket.

“Due to the lockdown and lack of social events, I have rarely worn makeup and embraced the natural look instead, which actually improved my confidence and I no longer feel the need to cover up the freckles on my face or ‘put my face on’ every time I leave the house.

“I guess the pandemic has wanted me to adopt a more natural look or at least appreciate my own natural beauty and to be confident in my own skin before the use of makeup.”

Jack Hardwick, 27

“I didn’t do too much grooming before lockdown, though I was a gym bunny. My fitness has actually increased over the last few months as I have been running up to 10k daily, plus I have been using a workout app.

“But on the days I didn’t leave the flat, I have not bothered with the usual deodorant and my attitude to how I look is a lot more relaxed.

“Fake tans were always my weakness, though I’ve not needed them due to the heatwave. With a cheeky bit of tanning oil, maybe I will stick with the more natural way now.

“That said, I did buy a light ring for my phone to take better selfies with so maybe it’s more about finding a compromise.”

Jack Wetherill, 27

“Before lockdown, I never left the house without my hair styled, brows on and a tan. But with being stuck inside I completely stopped as there was no need.

“Eventually, I began craving little bits of normality again so started my Thursday night tan routine, doing my hair and brows, just to feel a bit of the life I had before lockdown.

“I also completely overhauled my skincare routine, so hopefully once all of this is over I’ll be glowing for the gods!”

Alice-Rose Perry, 23

“During lockdown, I have had a yin-and-yang experience with my perception of beauty and my evolving routine. Not wearing makeup for prolonged periods has left so much room for skincare, and I’m nailing a good routine now.

“I don’t know if I could adjust to a lifestyle that doesn’t allow me to slather on a fresh batch of SPF every two hours (and I don’t think I could ditch the foundation for good when back to office life).

“However, the time spent barefaced or staring at myself on screen during Zoom calls (and maybe a little too much social media) has left me scrutinising myself like never before.

“It’s been a great exercise in reasoning with that inner self-critic, because does anyone really care if I have a double chin when I look down at my webcam?”

Katie Weir, 31

“My attitude to beauty has changed quite a bit during the last few months, because I now pay more attention to my skin.

“I spend at least ten minutes making sure all of my make-up is off instead of a quick splash of make up remover before bed after the long commute! So that’s definitely been a positive!

“All my life I have suffered with acne, spots and scars – a never ending cycle of trying to find the right products, pills, potions to give me the confidence to not wear make-up all day, everyday!

“I recently invested in BeGlow and my skin is GLOWING in just a week, even my scars seem less red! I’ll see how it goes, but for now I am HAPPY and here I am in all my bare face beauty!”

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