See incredible T-shirts made entirely from plastic litter dropped by people in mountains

The limited edition has been made from plastic collected in the Alps.

For those old enough to remember the scratch and sniff T-shirts of the 80s/90s, they’ve just been outshone by a new item of clothing.

An incredible range of T-shirts have now hit the shelves, made entirely of plastic, in a move that spells huge change for how we currently recycle.

It is believed that a whopping 91% of plastic is not being recycled, with a report from December 2018 revealing just how significant the issue is.

With plastic taking more than 400 years to degrade, most of it still exists in some form. And of the 8.3billion metric tons that has been produced, only 9% has been recycled with the majority accumulating in landfills or finding its way into the natural environment.

Now, a limited edition has been crafted from single-use plastic collected in the Alps.

This means, litter dumped on the mountains across Europe has been collected and reused to create this innovative and environmentally-friendly attire.

The mastermind of The North Face, a US-based outdoor clothing company, the T-shirts form the Recover Tee range of their new Bottle Source Collection.

This collection has seen a staggering 18,000kgs of plastic bottles collected from waste streams in the Alps, which has since been transformed into long and short sleeve tops.

The North Face pride themselves on not just making clothes for recreational use, but “enabling exploration through safeguarding our epic wilderness”.

Consequently, they hope that their latest mission will raise awareness of the volume of rubbish left on the mountains and limit the damage caused in the future.

The T-shirts also fly in the face of fast fashion, which is swiftly becoming a hot topic.

In particular, fast fashion – whereby cheap clothes are produced quickly to copy the catwalk trends – poses a huge threat to the environment as vast quantities of toxic textile dyes pollute clean water globally and impact local agriculture.

The unisex pieces are available in classic white with either a blue, pink or green logo.

With each item created, The North Face will donate €1 to the Summit Foundation – an organisation that supports the clean-up programmes in the Alps to protect wild places.

To grab your T and help save the planet, visit: The North Face.


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