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Teen amputee who made prosthetic arm from Lego helicopter stars in new documentary

We are officially in awe of the amazing David Aguilar, 19.

We are officially in awe of the amazing David Aguilar, a regular teenager who has created a prosthetic arm made entirely from Lego.

The 19-year-old, born without a right forearm due to a rare genetic condition, has outshone PHD students and surgeons the world over with his innovative creation.

Using a Lego helicopter set, David crafted the robotic limb to such high quality that it can be used to mimic a hand and pick up objects.

His story has gone on to inspire people from across the globe, with David now the star of his own documentary entitled Mr Hand Solo.

The film is currently for sale through the Spanish distributor Filmax so that larger platforms or television stations can acquire it to broadcast it to the general public.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, David said he produced it with production company IMMINENT Produccions and Arlong Productions, who distribute Filmax movies.

David explained: “The original song for the credits was written by my father, Ferrán Aguilar, and is incredibly beautiful. It’s called OH LEGO.

“My father instilled in me a love for music and I compose and produce my electronic songs, my song Two Days Ago plays as my story starts to go global in the film.”

David had nothing but praise for his dad, saying Ferrán went above and beyond to help adapt the INOKIM electric scooter which David now uses to go to university.

Speaking about his love of Lego, the Andorra native – a small country between France and Spain of just 74,000 inhabitants – explained he has been a big fan of the interlocking plastic bricks toy ever since he was a kid.

On his YouTube channel – also named Hand Solo after Star Wars character Han Solo – he said: “I thought I could build a hand with a Lego helicopter, and it is now a hand.

“When I extend the arm, the hand opens, and when I close it, the hand closes.”

Using a dial system which tightens around his amputated arm, David does not require a strap across his shoulders for the Lego structure as it grips at the point of contact.

David, who studies bioengineering at university, is now on a mission to create affordable prosthetics for those who need them.

Prices currently vary, with the average false limb costing approximately £5,000.

However, in the US, this price would simply cover the cost of a cosmetic arm, with a functional prosthetic that ends in a split hook nearing $10k (£8k) and an advanced myoelectric arm controlled by muscle movements reaching up to $100k (£80k).

David is now on the fourth model of his prosthetic, with each version more versatile than the one previously, and has named it MK in tribute to the Iron Man suit markings.

The entrepreneur-in-the-making also wants to encourage kids to play with Lego as it helped his wellbeing by “developing my mind” so he can now imagine things mentally.

David added: “Lego helped me realise a dream I had when I was a child, having two hands. Lego forever.”

What a champ!

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