Meet the woman who will change the way you think about your boobs forever…

Katie Weir, aka ‘The Bra Whisperer’, says the right bra can not only help aesthetically but mentally too.

Bigger, smaller, rounder, lighter, heavier, whatever we don’t have, we usually want. But one woman says she can make any female fall head over heels with their boobs.

Katie Weir, aka ‘The Bra Whisperer’, has fitted a whopping 4,000 women in her career and believes that just one decent fitting can improve both confidence and mental health.

She is a strong advocate that lingerie is the foundation to every outfit, with it being the first thing we put on in the morning and therefore setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Katie explained how wearing the right size bra can be a huge step on the journey of self-love and also shows respect for one’s own body.

Katie said: “We often neglect our boobs, just deal with them and eventually resent our bodies which to me is so sad. All of this can feel a lot happier with a great-fitting bra.

“I think the main issue is that women haven’t been taught a whole lot about bra-fitting from a young age, and so we look up to our mothers to learn, and if they haven’t been educated this information doesn’t get passed down.

“So, I am here to educate in the most fun and vibrant way to women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds as to how they can feel amazing and build a positive relationship with their bust through the power of a perfectly-fitted bra.”

Katie discovered her true calling at the grand old age of 16, when she dreamed of having her own lingerie shop one day. Fast-forward a decade, and the queen of undies now boasts clients such as Freya, Curvy Kate, Aerie, Wacoal and Reckless Wolf on her CV.

Today, Katie is now the proud owner of her brand Weir Wonderful Fit, whose mission is to not only lift busts, but also the confidence and spirits of every woman on her books.

Katie continued: “My company is the ultimate in educating women about body confidence, positivity and why they should invest in their bras and boobs.

“A lot of women buy cheaper, ill-fitting bras, but I am a real believer of investing in a great quality bra which does an amazing job and will last a lot longer.”

Katie also helps women beat the pain that often comes hand-in-hand with a generous cleavage as the right bra ensures that boobs are supported and consequently reduces neck and back pain – and even headaches – due to the firm band that should sit snugly.

She revealed: “A lot of women go wrong by wearing back bands that are too loose and cup sizes that are too small, again it is all about education and learning that your band lifts your boobs and not our straps!

“When we wear a great-fitting bra it takes the weight off our shoulders quite literally, which leads to better posture not to mention a lengthened torso and a new-found waist.

“All of these factors will lead to a higher self-confidence as well as being able to have a lingerie wardrobe of bras which fit great and look fab under clothing, that can then allow you to wear fashion styles and shapes you never thought possible.”

While the end-goal sounds empowering, and Katie’s passion is infectious, what happens if a woman struggles with her body so much, she is uncomfortable getting undressed?

Katie’s philosophy is simple: “Actual YOLO!”

She explained: “We have one body. We have one life. So, nurture your body, respect it, speak to yourself the way you would speak to others when looking in the mirror.

“Wear the bikini! Don’t go a minute worrying what others think about what you wear, it is all about how you feel and if you feel fabulous – you will only project this to the world.

“If you have parts of your body that you just don’t love, work on them, be kind to them and show acceptance. You will soon realise they aren’t such a bother to you anymore.

“Equally, you can follow stylists and women of your body shape and size on Instagram who are positive influences as they too can help offer light into your life.”

This said, Katie has her eyes wide open when it comes to the media and lingerie industry, saying they could both do more to improve women’s outlook on diverse bodies.

She added: “First off, the media need to stop using headlines such as ‘Busty display’, ‘huge DDs’, and ‘flaunts her curves’ – every time I see such words, I get annoyed.

“Curvy women aren’t flaunting, showing off, or displaying our bodies for the approval of others. We are simply wearing clothing which flatters our body shape. And yes, ladies, the curvier, the tighter, show off what your mama gave you.

“But I just wish that curves and the female body in general would not be a sexual object.

“I do think the world is becoming more woke to bodies, we see new levels of diversity in campaigns, but we all need to understand that one body is never better than another, we are equally as beautiful, and our weight or shape does not define us.”

Katie concluded by saying that she wants young girls to be educated on their boobs and bodies with bra-fittings at school so that females grow up unapologetic of their size.

She said: “We need to know that our bodies are normal, we need to know how to fit a bra as this would minimise so many issues during puberty.

“I was forever berated for my school shirt not doing up, my school skirt being too short even though I just had a growth spurt, and I would hand-in a sick note to PE as I knew the boys would laugh at my ever-growing, unsupported boobs.

“Seriously, sports bras in schools are a major thing for me, I want every girl to wear a perfectly-fitted sports bra as I think feeling supported and less conscious about our bodies will only increase girls’ passion and positive attitude towards sports.”

We’re not sure about you, but we feel uplifted (pardon the pun) just listening to Katie.

So, to say goodbye to four boobs, nip slips and general discomfort, visit The Bra Whisperer.


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