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Wedding picture goes viral in hunt for duo as cyclist captures only photo of ceremony

Move over, Romeo and Juliet! This is one of the sweetest love stories ever.

With the wedding industry being big bucks for flowers, food, and open bars (and that’s before you even get to the dress), many of us spend a small fortunate just to say, ‘I do’.

But one couple turned their back on splashing the cash, with a humble wedding on Brooklyn Bridge that involved precisely, err, three people – including them.

The loved-up duo didn’t even hire a snapper, with their nuptials nearly going uncaptured.

However, thanks to one local cyclist, Nevona Friedman, she stumbled across the bride and groom against the backdrop of the setting sun and took a cheeky photo.

Unsure whether or not to approach them, Nevona left the star-crossed lovers to their big (or rather, small) moment and went on her way.

Yet with her image of the ceremony proving to be such a stunning shot, she decided to shared it on social media in a bid to find the couple with a plea: “If you were getting married on the Brooklyn Bridge this evening, I’ve got some photos for you!”

Remarkably, one of her Facebook friends recognised the bride and helped them connect.

Nevona discovered that she had inadvertently become a witness at Nikolina Kovalenko and Stefan Ponova’s wedding, who met a year ago while travelling in South America.

Chatting to the Hindustan Times, Nikolina revealed that she felt an “incredible connection” to Stefan when the pair first laid eyes on each other.

She explained: “We met when Stefan invited me to dance, we immediately felt an incredible connection, and we were dancing and chatting through the evening.

“Next morning, I had an early bus to go to another Colombian town. I said, half-jokingly, that if we want to continue the conversation, he could meet at the bus station and join me. I wasn’t sure if he would, but when I got to the terminal, Stefan was already there.

“Our first date was a 10-hour long bus ride on one of the worst roads in Colombia, and we talked the entire time.”

While the bus ride could have just been a quirky story for the memory banks, taking into account Nikolina was just starting her backpacking while Stefan was ready to go home after two years on the road, he decided to stay with her and travel in Ecuador together.

They have since explored various parts of the world, with artist and self-confessed “hopeless optimist” Nikolina finally deciding to settle in New York long-term with Stefan.

It was due to the global pandemic enforcing social distancing across the world, that they then decided to seize the moment of a small and modest wedding on the bridge.  

Looks like Romeo and Juliet may just have been outshone!

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