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Girl, 8, learns sign language so she can communicate with local deaf delivery man

Little Tallulah's video has even caught the eye of Kevin Bacon and Game of Thrones star Lena Heady.

They say you’re not meant to have favourites, but this little girl might just be one of our most cherished stories over at Uspire.

Meet Tallulah Mclellan, who at just eight has taken it upon herself to learn sign language.

And it wasn’t just to dwindle away the lockdown hours during the global pandemic, but because she wanted to be able to communicate with her local delivery man who is deaf.

Tallulah’s mum Amy Roberts posted the heart-warming video on Twitter, whereby her daughter can be seen saying hello to the driver on the doorstep – with the 15-second clip going viral and accruing 23million views at the time of publication.

Alongside the footage, proud Amy wrote: “This is our @Hermesparcels delivery man, we see him 1 or 2 times a week, start of lockdown Tallulah drew him a #thankyou rainbow.

“He still has it proudly on show in his van, they have built up quite a friendship over these last few weeks #proudmum.”

Delivery man Tim Joseph, who delivers parcels in the Greater Manchester area, said that being greeted by Tallulah signing to him “made my day”.

In an interview with the BBC, he explained: “Tallulah realised I was deaf and then one day she surprised me when she signed to me, ‘Have a good day’.

“I was very happy and then I showed Tallulah how to sign, ‘Good morning, have a good day,’ and then she signed it perfectly and it made my day.

He added: “I hope more people learn to sign and we bring more people together.”

Amy said her daughter – who is learning to sign with community company Hands to Communicate – is keen to continue developing her skills.

She said: “Because she’d been learning the sign language at school [as an extracurricular activity], I sent them the video just to show them she was using her skills out of school.

“I tagged the school in the tweet and Hermes as well, so they know how friendly Tim is, and I couldn’t believe it. It was just going up and up and up.

“My nephew rang me and said that Lena Heady [Game of Thrones actress] had tweeted it. I looked in my messages and she’d messaged me asking if she could share it.

“I didn’t know who it was, but she’d put it on Instagram. Kevin Bacon, he’s done it as well.”

Tallulah, we salute you.

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