New era of socially distanced cinema with insanely creative Star Wars’ replica world

Say hello to the real-life Galactic Senate.

In an age of social distancing, the world is changing before our eyes. And perhaps cinemas have the greatest challenge of all to keep people apart while under one roof.

But one cinema architect in Paris has risen to the challenge to recreate a Star Wars’ replica world of the Galactic Senate.

Even for movie buffs who aren’t familiar with the franchise, the infamous fictional universe is instantly recognisable from the circular pods in which the characters sit.

The French company, Oma Cinema, believe capitalising on the Star Wars model to inspire new silver screen interiors will change the face of movies in a COVID-19 era.

Their hopes to introduce individual pods for viewers to watch films in, while being around others in the community, can honour both socialising and being socially distanced.

Speaking about their vision, CEO Pierre Chican said: “While all cinemas built for the last 50 years are similar and reproduce the same seating arrangement of the audience, this concept of a movie theatre creates a cinematographic experience.”

Pierre continued: “Spectacular and immersive, every seat in the house is the best seat in the house.”

“Much more than just the spectacular nature of the architecture, the original configuration of the room has been designed to offer viewers an exceptional audio and visual experience, projecting an image free of any distortion.”

The visionary added that “Oma is an experience you will never forget”.

After the world went into lockdown during the pandemic back in March, cinemas are only just beginning to open their doors alongside bars and restaurants this month.

UK cinemas resumed business on Friday, with new safety measurements including online booking, contactless payments, staff in full PPE and socially-distanced seating.

Wonder if Odeon might be inspired by Oma, perhaps with Aladdin’s magic carpet pods?

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