Hairdresser says lockdown saved his business after turning salon into ice cream parlour

Luke Daniels was forced to close his three salons when the country shut down back in March and feared the worst.

A hairdresser from Lincolnshire has revealed that lockdown saved his business after he had a lightbulb moment.

Luke Daniels, owner of Urban Angels in Navenby, was forced to close his three salons when lockdown started back in March and feared the worst.

[CREDIT: Facebook/UrbanGelato&Milkshakes]

After spending five weeks feeling “restless” and wondering whether or not his salons would survive, Luke decided to take action and turned one of them into an ice cream parlour.

Urban Gelato & Milkshakes opened on May 19, and serves serves ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, coffees and tea, whilst also observing social distancing rules.

Luke sourced genuine Italian gelato ingredients, as well as the equipment to set up the bar, in an impressive ten days!

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Despite hair salons now being open, Luke has decided to keep his gelato shop up and running as it has been so successful.

“If it wasn’t for lockdown, we wouldn’t have started this new business and it was so successful that we continued it after our hair salon was allowed to reopen – it was supposed to close down eventually,” Luke explained.

After operating from the hair salon for nearly eight weeks and proving hugely successful in the village, the new business has its own location at the village tearooms with Luke’s partner, Emma, managing it day-to-day.

And now it seems Luke is looking to change his career as he revealed: “I spent all of my time turning our hair salon into the new gelato and milkshake bar and it saved our business – some of the staff started working there to keep them going as furlough wasn’t enough.

“We’re planning on restoring the village tea rooms, this is a new industry for me but I can’t wait to expand and learn more about the food and drink industry.”

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