Nutritionist says key to being your best self starts with diet and wellness

Eating is a necessity for all of us, but as we juggle our busy day-to-day lives with our demanding careers and social obligations, it's easy to turn to junk and fast food.

Eating is a necessity for all of us, but as we juggle our busy day-to-day lives with our demanding careers and social obligations, it’s easy to turn to junk and fast food.

Prioritising our diet and wellness can sometimes fall by the wayside as we get bogged down with the stresses of life, but one man is keen to change that and wants to encourage everyone to be their best self – starting with their eating habits.

Steve Katasi of AdapNation believes that by challenging our thinking and exploring new ideas when it comes to our health and wellness, we will be on the right track to being our best selves.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Steve admitted that challenging world views can be “difficult” but AdapNation are seeing a growing increase in terms of people checking out their website, podcast and personal growth program.

Explaining the aim of AdapNation’s message, Steve said: “As individuals, as a society, and for our future generations, it’s important that people are optimally functional and well.

“The alternative is a decline in capability as a people and as a species – which means we’re all less effective to care for one another and create a brighter future.

“So, eating well helps with a better physique and more self-love, but it’s also imperative if we want healthy children, a society that is able to reach their full potential collectively, and to alleviate the disease care burden we have globally.”

He continued: “At the individual level, everyone wants to lead a full and vibrant life. They want all day energy, a capability to work towards meaningful things, and to have a robust protective immune system.

“People want to feel great, look great and do so in a way that is relatively effortless as it aligns to what the body actually needs. In essence, people want to be their best, but struggle with the how-to of making that a permanent reality. It’s a messy maze of noise, misinformation, agendas and information overload.

“AdapNation’s intent is to explore and expose the truths that help people live an optimised life, and to be their best. To do so we need to challenge the status quo, world views and beliefs across several foundations of being optimally human – nutrition being one of them.”


In terms of challenging nutritional beliefs and the evolution of diets, Steve said: “The cultural explosion of plant-based and vegan advocacy never sat well with me. The religion and cult-like energy surrounding this movement, the obvious Big Food profiteering, the overt propaganda targeting millennials, and the inability to isolate the nutritional aspect of veganism from animal rights and environmental issues, all felt uncomfortably manipulative and absent of all the facts.

“Moreover, there is an innate satisfaction – one much deeper than cultural norms and habits – that comes from eating foods containing animal fats and protein. Being real whole foods, how could nature be so cruel to create delight and satiation in foods that were inherently bad for us?

“Combine that with babies and toddlers’ almost universal dislike for veggies that we need to ‘re-program’ out of them through parenting, it just seemed that nature had either been sadistic in its design, or we have some faulty nutritional paradigms.”

He continued: “As you explore the Homo Genus and Homo sapiens evolution, you quickly realise the integral part animal meat and fat had in our survival and impressive development. You begin to see just how briefly we’ve been exposed to modern-day foods and industrial processing.

“When you go looking for the science that underpins our current nutritional guidelines regarding lots of fruits and vegetables and minimal animal fat, you notice just how weak these foundations are.”

As a starting point for those looking to challenge and improve their overall diet and wellness, Steve suggests checking out the #BeYourBest Nutritional Principle.

“Ultimately, we want you to #BeYourBest. To do that, we’re going to have to break a few eggs along the way. To challenge your thinking, explore new ideas, and learn how to critically think when it comes to health and wellness,” Steve added.

“It can be challenging at first, because no one wants to be wrong, especially when it comes to strongly held beliefs. The truth sometimes hurts, but on the other side of discomfort comes liberation, confidence and freedom.

“People get genuinely excited when they find sustainable and enjoyable ways to feel great, and especially so if it’s ’their little secret’.”


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