Extraordinary People

One man’s infectious dancing inspires army of people to shed inhibitions and join in

The video you'll want to watch again and again and again.

Every now and then amongst the kittens and makeup tutorials, you’ll find a gem of a YouTube video that you feel compelled to share – and today is that day.

While this diamond of a video may date back to 2009, we couldn’t resist reviving its magic to give it another shot at going viral.

Filmed at Sasquatch Festival in Washington, USA over a decade ago, the video which has affectionately become known as ‘Dancing Guy’ has amassed a whopping 19m views.

The footage captures a festivalgoer as he begins dancing alone, before a remarkable show of unity begins to unfold.


Completely entranced while watching Brooklyn electro-rap star Santigold belt out her hit Unstoppable, the party-of-one dances on a hillside while throwing shapes under the sun.

Within a few moments of going solo, the man – shirtless in shorts and sunglasses –is joined by a fellow reveller who muscles in on the action too.

Quite frankly, we can’t blame him as the leader’s energy is so infectious.

The pair begin dancing in unison, mimicking each other’s patterns, with the original man’s new-found follower throwing in a few moves of his own – including a handstand.

After a minute of building-up a sweat together, two then become three as a new member connects with the duo to create a little posse.

Within moments, the trio transform into a quintet as another pair of pals join in to elevate the group into a tribe.

As more people begin to rush over, what happens is quite simply a beautiful metamorphosis of one man dancing alone to become an epic force of solidarity.

Soon, the hillside is awash with people and you can barely see the grass beneath their feet as hundreds of them dance together.

It is believed tribalism is part of the reason why evolution has been so successful, with human beings thriving on social activity and ill-equipped to live on their own.

And in a world where we are under so much pressure to become a leader, the video shines a light on the magic of being a follower instead, and how supporting a message you believe in is just as powerful as whether you had created the movement or not.

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