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How woman broke her ‘people pleaser’ identity to start dream career

Making the leap from the corporate world to personal growth coaching.

We all have a default setting to ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, but we rarely ask fellow adults.

Yet one woman decided to question herself, convinced she was not on the right path, and completely turned her life around.

Having worked her way up the corporate ladder to Executive Assistant, Priya Hirani had a niggling feeling that she wanted to do more and give back to society.

Speaking to Uspire, Priya revealed that she kickstarted her dream career after pursuing this hunch while also overcoming a mental health battle that led to reinventing herself.

Priya explained: “Only now do I recognise that throughout my teenage and adult life I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety, never having owned it until roughly five years ago when I had a real bad mental breakdown.

“I spent most of my life being a people pleaser and never really thinking about what it is that I wanted out this beautiful gift of life I’ve been given.”

Priya continued: “I look back at my experiences during my breakdown, the fear of leaving my flat, everything in my mind feeling upside down, the crying, the sleepless nights and the different levels of emotions I was feeling – I see it all as a blessing now.

“I remember the day when I was sat on my sofa and a friend called me, but I couldn’t even speak, in fact I was just mumbling. That was the turning point for me.

“I believe I had a choice in that very moment, either give into the voices in my head of wanting to put an end to it all or let the old Priya go and recreate who I wanted to be.”

And that is exactly what she did, leaving the ‘old’ Priya behind as she embarked on a mission to discover a new identity.

Thanks to counselling alongside the support of family and friends, Priya was able to start working on her growth before founding her company which focuses on personal development coaching to help others achieve their goals more quickly than alone.

She explained: “I started asking myself the types of questions you never really get asked as a child: ‘What exactly did I want?’ ‘What made me happy?’

“What came to mind was a trip I had taken to India, and the feeling I got from feeding the children in the slums. I wanted those core values moving forward where I could make a real contribution to society. Then, little by little, I started changing as a person.”

Priya said that as she began moving through this process, one burning question kept returning to her, and that was, ‘What is my purpose and why am I here?’

It was only when she started working through her bucket-list of dreams, one of them being a skydive, that the answer came to her.

She revealed: “I remember sitting at the edge of the plane with no fear at all, and consciously saying to myself not to ruin this moment by letting any fear creep in.

“That’s exactly what I did. I experienced something so beautiful that day.

“That same week, I had booked myself on a coaching course and still pumped-up from my skydive, I went into London to do it where my mind was blown. It was here that it felt like the burning question had been answered – I found my purpose.”

After this life-changing moment, Priya then set about creating her own course for others and her business Priya H Coaching was born.

She now hopes to help people who have their own struggles, whether it’s lending a non-judgemental ear or being there for them throughout their own personal growth journeys.

Priya explained: “I truly believe that everything we are searching for is within us and we just have to start asking ourselves the right questions.

“Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy to start with, but once I started tapping into what I now call my ‘super power’, everything changed for me.

“I now live a life without fear, I embrace change and welcome every experience as all part of my growth. I believe that each and every one of us can absolutely live the life we have always dreamed of. I am merely here to help someone along the way.”

Priya believes that going through her own wellbeing transformation is an additional stepping stone to feel even more connected to people, saying she can “sense” when a person needs someone in their corner.

Speaking about her other objectives to help her clients grow, Priya said she wants them to feel empowered and to start loving everything about themselves.

She added: “I want them to take back their life and really focus on the things that are important to them and not what society, friends, family tell them that life should be like.

“I want clients to know they’re not alone; and there are many amazing people out there, you just have to open up your heart and learn to receive the gifts you were born to claim.”

Priya – who offers her coaching sessions via Zoom, Skype or any platform that is most suited to the individual client – says that in order to provide the best service she can, it’s important that she also continues to work on her development and mental health too.

She concluded: “During lockdown, I had to work even harder to make sure I did the right things that I needed to, to keep my mind in a good place.

“That’s when I decided to get back into what I used to love doing as a child, and that was getting creative with etching art and even painting with diamonds.

“I can’t say enough how this has helped me focus my energies on being able to provide clients with the support and encouragement and belief in them that they deserve.”

She had us at ‘non-judgemental ear’! Where do we sign up?

For more info, click here: Priya H Coaching.

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