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Heart-stopping moment cop saves man’s life after his wheelchair gets stuck on railway

This insane rescue video will give you chills.

There’s plenty of clickbait online that pops into our timelines every day tempting us with ‘you won’t believe this video’ captions.

But seriously, you won’t believe this video.

A man using a wheelchair was crossing a railway track when the wheels got stuck. Fortunately, a courageous policewoman was near the scene and risked her life to help.

However, with a train hurtling towards them, there was no time to dislodge the chair and instead the quick-thinking cop pulled the man from the seat to drag him to safety.

The heart-stopping moment was captured on officer Erika Urrea’s body camera, which shows the drama in real-time as it unfolded in Lodi, California earlier this week.

Speaking after the incident, Officer Urrea told local station CBS Sacramento: “As I got up, and grabbed onto him, I could see the train just approaching. It was going pretty fast.

“I just thought, ‘I’ve got to get him off the tracks.’”

[Credit: CBS Sacramento]

She added: “After, I was thinking back that it really felt like the train was right in my face. Then looking back at the video, it was practically in my face!”

A Lodi Police Department spokesperson said: “Officer Urrea was just in the area. She’s willing to help, and what she did was very heroic.

“She prevented a tragedy and she saved a man’s life. She’s very humble in doing so.”

[Credit: Lodi Police Department]
[Credit: Lodi Police Department]

The police department also wrote on their Facebook page: “Officer Urrea risked her own life to save another… We are extremely proud of Officer Erika Urrea and her heroism.”

While the unnamed man, 66, was saved, his leg was hit by the train and he is currently in hospital recovering.

In the video, Officer Urrea can be seen darting over from her police car to the man, asking, “Can you get up?” before she frantically unbuckled him from his chair.

During the rescue, she can be heard shouting, “Get up, get up, get up” as the train blasts its horn while zooming towards them.

She may say she is just doing her job, but Officer Urrea truly is a hero.

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