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‘Best burger in the world’ created by man after he lost job in lockdown

And if you don’t believe us, just watch Inbetweeners actor James Buckley devour one of their creations.

If you’ve ever fallen down the Instagram rabbit hole searching hashtags like #foodie or #foodporn then look no further, because we’ve found the crème de la crème of meat.

Now you can feast your eyes (and your mouth) on the best burger in the world.

The taste-bud tickling team at Ford & Sons, a family-run business bringing meat from London’s Smithfield’s Market to your door, have well and truly mastered the art of what us Brits love in summer – tucking into a juicy BBQ while catching some rays.

And if you don’t believe us, just watch Inbetweeners actor James Buckley devour one of their creations during the UK heatwave that will make you salivate simply looking at it.

Captured on-camera as he munched the delicacy, James said: “I’m so happy. It’s the best burger I’ve ever had.

“The taste of the meat! You don’t need anything else on it. It tastes beautiful. This is it. Life doesn’t get any better than this.”

James should count his lucky stars, as if it wasn’t for the entrepreneurial flair of Jimmy Ford, he’d be having to rely on Maccy D’s drive-thru instead.

Jimmy was hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic, though thanks to initiative and self-belief, he kickstarted a new company by selling quality meat to the masses.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, he explained: “I was a car salesman, I’ve only been doing this for four to five months.

“I got ill from COVID-19, then lost my job as the car market completely stopped. I had no money, so there was no other option.”

Jimmy continued: “So, I thought about what people would need especially when they can’t go to the shops.

“My dad’s been in market for years, so I had an opportunity there. I put one Facebook post up and delivered to 20 different people on the first day.

“By the second day, I filled a transit up for 60-70 orders.

“Everything I earn goes back into the business. With drive and passion, and believing you can do it, I feel like I can be the best. If you believe, it can come true, it’s just a lot of graft.”

Jimmy revealed that the business doesn’t even have a phone number or website, relying on the powers of social media instead.

Having initially began the operation solo as just a man in a van, Jimmy now has eight staff, an army of celebrity fans and is now being dubbed ‘The Wolf of Smithfield’.

He continued: “You have just got to go for it. I watched The Secret on Netflix and every night did a gratitude book, believing that I can do this.

“The first two months, I didn’t sleep, I was so busy. After two months, I steadied out. There was one day I was driving, and I had to pull over and take in what I achieved!”

Jimmy said that despite family and friends’ concerns not to invest too much money and telling him what he shouldn’t do, he fought back – and it paid off.

The aspiring entrepreneur is not only running a delivery business, but also providing to restaurants now too.

He concluded: “Cash flow is a fear, so I have to take baby steps.

“I’ve been contacted about bigger contracts though I can’t take on something too big with it coming out of my pocket, yet I also don’t want to miss an opportunity.”

Jimmy now hopes to put all profits back into the business for the first year and keep honouring loyal customers to make sure they are never out of pocket from a good deal.

For a taste of the best burger you’ll ever have, click here: Ford and Sons.


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