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Lad gifts chips and pizza to homeless with clever twist on Eat Out to Help Out scheme

They say charity begins at home; and that’s exactly the approach one lad took when it came to feeding the homeless.

They say charity begins at home; and that’s exactly the approach one lad took when it came to feeding the homeless.

Dominic Dietrich, aka local legend, decided to seize the day when he discovered the power in using the Eat Out to Help Out scheme and Wetherspoons table game together.

The former was introduced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, whereby the public is being invited to enjoy a 50% discount when they eat in restaurants throughout August in a bid to boost the economy following the devastating trail that the coronavirus has left.

While the latter was launched last year, encouraging customers to download an app to share their table number on social media so friends can send them free food.


Seeing the magic in both, Dominic, 25, set about visiting his favourite ‘Spoons in Manchester on a mission to get discount food donations sent to his table so he could slip orders into the Tupperware he brought along, ready to hand out to rough sleepers.

Filming his journey, sports reporter Dominic explained that he has lived in the city for a year and now feels it is his turn to give back to the community.

Once inside ‘Spoons, he was overwhelmed with the response, receiving a variety of dishes including pasta, chicken breast bites, chicken strips, chips, and a pizza.

He managed to transfer the items into his plastic containers, then hit the streets and began handing them out.

Homelessness remains a significant issue in the UK, with an estimated 320,000 people sleeping rough or not living in a permanent residence.

There are fears this number may rise as emergency rules during the pandemic, which banned people from being evicted if they could not meet their rent, will end soon.

Chatting to Metro, Dominic said his idea kickstarted after using the Eat Out to Help Out scheme himself, while enjoying a three-course meal for a mere £3.

Dominic said: “I was thinking, ‘I don’t need this,’ and it was heart-breaking to think that people on the streets can’t even afford to do that.”

He added: “I have a roof over my head, and food and things like that, and these people have been through an awful time and this is particularly bad now.

“When people come up to you on the street, they are not asking to interrupt your day, they are asking because they are desperate and that’s something to think about when we are getting all this half price food.”

Dominic for Prime Minister, anyone?!

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