Work remotely? Now you can in Vegas with insanely tempting ‘Viva Las Office’ offer

The entertainment capital of the world is encouraging travellers to play and work in sunny Nevada.

Grab your swimsuit, and your laptop, because Vegas wants you!

That’s right, the entertainment capital of the world is encouraging travellers to play and do business in sunny Nevada.

If you can work remotely, the ‘Viva Las Office’ project might just have your name on it.

MGM, aka the kings of hospitality, have launched their work-from-Vegas package with a view to entice working travellers to set up office in either the Bellagio or Aria hotels.

[Credit: MGM]

The programme offers flexible check-in and check-out times and an executive assistant who handles personal reservations and experiences in Sin City for you to enjoy.


The package includes a discount on activities, such as helicopter and Jeep tours, as well as discounted airfares.

Whether you choose the Deluxe Room at Aria or Salone Suite at Bellagio, each room is office-ready with wi-fi, desk, chair, and plenty of envious backdrops for video meetings.

[Credit: Ameer Basheer]

The promotion – offered as a three, four or five night stay – comes after the lucrative business conventions held in Vegas each year came to a standstill following COVID-19.

As a Vegas enthusiast, what’s not to love about being a responsible employee during the day then cutting loose in the casino at night? As they say, work hard, play harder.

Prices start from $101.80 per night (£78) and creep into $281.80 (£215) territory for The Executive package, which includes cabana rental and a poolside massage.

So, if you’ve never conducted a meeting while having a rub down, now you can!

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