Archaeologists find banana farms managed by Indigenous people 2,000 years ago

The fascinating sites, which date back approximately 2,145 years, were found on a tiny island north of the mainland in the Torres Strait.

Archaeologists have discovered banana farms from over 2,000 years ago which were once managed by Indigenous Australians.

The fascinating sites, which date back approximately 2,145 years, were found on a tiny island north of the mainland in the Torres Strait.

The findings from Mabuyag Island were released by a team from the Australian National University and the University of Sydney.

[CREDIT: Australian National University]

As well as banana microfossils and stone tools, the archaeologists also found charcoal and a series of retaining walls at the site.

It’s long been believed that Australia’s Indigenous people were solely “hunter-gatherers”, but this amazing new discovery proves otherwise.

“Our research shows the ancestors of the Goegmulgal people of Mabuyag were engaged in complex and diverse cultivation and horticultural practices in the western Torres Strait at least 2,000 years ago,” lead researcher Robert Williams said.

Williams stated that the Torres Strait had historically been viewed as a “separating line” between Indigenous groups in New Guinea – now part of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea – who practiced agriculture, and those in Australia who were labelled “hunter gatherers”.

[CREDIT: Australian National University]

However, these new findings show that the strait was “more of a bridge or a filter” for horticultural practices across both regions.

“Food is an important part of Indigenous culture and identity and this research shows the age and time depth of these practices,” Williams added.

Research over the past decade has shed some light on pre-colonial agriculture, engineering and construction practices of the first Australians.

Just last month the first underwater Aboriginal sites were discovered off Australia, dating back thousands of years.

Aboriginal artefacts discovered off the Pilbara coast in Western Australia represent Australia’s oldest known underwater archaeology, and will help with the understanding of the cultural and technology development of its first peoples, scientists said.

[CREDIT: Australian National University]

The sites, at Cape Bruguieres and Flying Foam Passage, date back to when the current seabed was dry land and they were discovered through a series of surveys in the Dampier Archipelago.

Two men who are dedicated to telling the story of the fascinating Indigenous people are Steven and Evan Strong.

The father and son duo believe that they have rediscovered a hidden history: The Out of Australia Theory, after being in consultation with Elders of Australia for several years.

Their latest work has involved bringing awareness to the sacred sites of the Aboriginals – some which have already been destroyed. Steven and Evan are holding a series of online conferences, with the next one taking place during the last weekend of August.

The previous conference centered around some ancient rings that were recently discovered on one of the sacred sites.

Speaking to Uspire, Steven revealed: “These rings show exactly what the three other ancient rings bear testimony to. What the scientific analysis proves is that not only are all carrying an orichalcum base, but the presence of titanium and chromium in in these rings so ancient, breaks so many conventional assumptions.

“Both chemicals were first used industrially in metals in the 20th century, but here they are in rings that are thousands of years old. In the same inconvenient positioning is another piece of metal jewellery found at the Kariong glyphs that has 24% of the metal content sourced from nowhere on this planet.

“The best laboratory in Australia openly conceded that almost one quarter of what lay within does not exist in any periodic table compiled on Earth,” he added.

And revealing what’s to come in the next one, Steven explained: “The four areas we intend to focus upon include Karno’s (an elder who has now passed) life, legacy and eternal connection to the Dreaming.

“The Dreaming being the inspiration behind many ancient religions with particular focus on Gnostic Christianity, the expanding ensemble of sacred and star rocks and the ancient presence and connection between Australia and America.

“All four of the areas chosen, along with all topics yet to be discussed are underpinned by an Original prophecy beginning on December 21 at Uluru when an Old Way ceremony will be conducted that literally changes everything.”

To find out more about the upcoming conference, click here.

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