Miracle bridge in Singapore to help wildlife safely cross the road

A new wildlife crossing has been created specifically for the use of animals.

If you’ve ever driven along the motorway and felt your heart sink as you see a fox or deer that didn’t quite make it to the other side, you will be in awe of this new bridge.

A new wildlife crossing has been created specifically for the use of animals, in order to keep them safe and help reduce roadkill.

The 140m-long bridge will make its grand opening in December, by Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) to help animals cross the busy Mandai Lake Road.

[Credit: Gabe Pierce]

Named the Mandai Wildlife Bridge, the crossing will boast an abundance of vegetation to encourage the animals – including deers, wild boars and pangolins – to manoeuvre over.


With 31,000 plants, including 1,000 native trees from 25 species, and more than 30,000 shrubs from eight species, the vegetation will make the animals feel protected.

There will also be fences to not only help direct the animals towards the bridge, but also stop them from crossing the road.

[Credit: Scott Carroll]

Other animals expected to use the bridge include the mousedeer and civets [cat-like, though more closely related to mongooses], and colugos – a gliding mammal. For the colugos, six poles have been erected to help them glide across the bridge.

The bridge will have a significant impact on saving lives, as tragically last year a leopard cat, critically-endangered Sunda pangolin [anteater], and Sambar deer died in accidents.

Speaking of the project, assistant vice president of the Mandai Park Development, Ms Chua Yen Kheng, said: “This area is quite rich in biodiversity, but it is in fragmented patches because of Mandai Lake Road.”

Consequently, the bridge will help re-connect the buffer areas on both sides of the road.

[Credit: Uriel Soberanes]

And it’s not just the animals who will benefit from the new handiwork, a visitor arrival area and a bird park are also being created.

By 2023, the development will feature an impressive five parks – the Rainforest Park, the Bird Park, the existing Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari and River Safari.

Plenty of time to plan our next holiday, then.


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