Stacey Solomon shows off her stretch marks as she supports Skin Unfiltered body campaign

Just when we thought we couldn't love Stacey Solomon more than we already do, she goes and proves us wrong.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Stacey Solomon more than we already do, she goes and proves us wrong.

Already known for being a down-to-earth celeb, Stacey has now joined forces with Dove for their Skin Unfiltered body campaign – and we are loving it!

The mum-of-three took to Instagram to reveal all about Dove’s new mission – which is encouraging women to post unfiltered photos of their skin to celebrate the beautiful story it tells.

[CREDIT: Instagram/staceysolomon]

Stacey, 30, kicked off the campaign by showing off some unedited parts of her body whilst she relaxed at home with her one-year-old son Rex.

“I thought I’d kick mine off by showing you my favourite stretch marks,” she told her 3.7 million followers on her Instagram Story.

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“These are my favourite, not just because my hips had to grow so big so I could get you (talking to her son Rex) and your brothers into this world. But because in the sunshine they sparkle like glitter and I just love them!

[CREDIT: Instagram/staceysolomon]

“They go all the way around the back and they’re my absolute favourite!” the former X Factor star added.

New research from Dove found that the majority (83%) of women have cellulite, scars and stretch-marks, but only 16% have posted a photo of themselves on social media with these so-called ‘skin imperfections’ visible.

In fact, a quarter of women use digital distortion apps and filters to erase these ‘imperfections’ before posting on social media, with this figure more than doubling (51%) for young women (18 – 24-years-old).

[CREDIT: Instagram/staceysolomon]

Meanwhile, half of women agreed they received more ‘likes’ and positive comments on pictures where they have filtered out their ‘flaws’, compared with unedited images.

Stacey later shared another unfiltered snap which showed off her bare tummy and thighs, as well as her signature Cheshire Cat grin.

“Never be ashamed of who you are. Every tiny detail of your body tells a story of everything you’ve been through,” she captioned the picture.

“Over the past few years, I’ve learned to embrace and love the body that I live in and I know that seeing other women’s real bodies is so empowering. I’m going to keep sharing images of my skin, unfiltered and hope other women will join me,” the Loose Women star added.

Unsurprisingly, the research from Dove confirmed the importance of visibility, with more than two-thirds (65%) of women wanting to see more people posting unedited and unfiltered images of themselves, which 73% said would help them feel less pressure to have ‘perfect skin’.

So, what are you waiting for? Love the skin you’re in and join Dove in un-filtering YOUR body!

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