How poetry brought two musicians together and dared them to try something new

There's no denying that the music industry has been hit hard by the events of 2020, but when life gives you lemons.

There’s no denying that the music industry has been hit hard by the events of 2020, but when life gives you lemons…

Two musicians who found each other during the months of lockdown are Tom and Tyan…. and what has been born is Tranquilo Tempo: a totally unique musical collaboration inspired by their love of poetry.

Tom, a self-confessed “dreamer and music fanatic” has been playing music since the age of 16 and first discovered Tyan whilst listening to a podcast during lockdown.

Speaking to Uspire, Tom said: “During lockdown I’d been reading poetry, watching documentaries, re-visiting music that was more beats driven and then the idea was born… I’m gonna throw myself down an avenue I’ve always seen but never explored.

“I heard Tyan reading a poem on a podcast and knew immediately that was the voice I wanted. Thankfully she said yes when I asked her if she’d work with me and Tranquilo Tempo was born. I think the stars brought us together.”

As well as a singer, Tyan is also a teacher, a mother, and a trained actress and admits that lockdown gave her the opportunity to slow down and think about what she wanted to do.

“In what is normally an extremely busy world for me at times, I was able to create in my own space with no boundaries of time or routine,” she told Uspire.

“Some ideas that only exist within my mind were being shared with the world through platforms I was blessed to have.

“I was rehearsing lines for postponed plays and teaching children through a virtual platform and it was disheartening to begin with as I am a people person and thrive on physical contact and just being around energy!

“Getting together virtually, which at times we were up close and personal more so than in real life, gave me the space to share ideas on where I could step it up a level and soon I found myself taking part in virtual plays; podcasts; screen concerts.”

Tyan’s collaboration with Tom came when she decided to step outside of her comfort zone and voice her feelings alongside music.

“We shared a few of our written pages and so the idea to create a different sound inspired by spoken word, poetry and singing came about,” Tyan continued.

“And as soon as the lockdown rules became a little relaxed we ran, hopped and skipped to that studio and started to express all of these feelings in the booth. What we created was a freedom of sound bound by no boundaries and so Tranquilo Tempo was found.”

But what makes this process of creating music so different to anything else Tom has done before? “The great thing about what we do is that all the rules get ripped up when we go into the studio,” he explained.

“The idea is formed in the moment and it just happens… and because we’re having so much fun doing it, its always gonna work. Creatively, this is the most freedom I have ever felt. I’m not writing on the guitar, anything goes.”

The pair have created nearly half an album in a month, with their first release entitled ‘Summertime Vibe.’

“Since the weather changed so did our mood and one day we went in the studio on a whole Summer Vibe and so our first track was created filled with the light-hearted sunshine we felt in our souls on that day,” Tyan revealed.

“I cant believe how quickly it was created, mastered and finished fit for release for Summer 2020. They say time flies when you’re having fun and we can hear the fun and laughter in the song.

“We are artists that definitely create for the moment or the mood we are in. Some could say our style is ‘mood’ music.”

Tom added that the track “captures a moment” and it’s just the beginning for Tranquilo Tempo.

“The future? We make it up as we go. We are tomorrow’s people… this is the sound of our world, our atmosphere. And we’re here to share it with you.”

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