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Stray dog ‘hired’ as salesman after he wanders into car dealer showroom

Meet Tuscan Prime, the world's first working pet pooch.

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and apparently, they’re a car dealership dream too.

So much so, that one pooch has been hired by a showroom as an ‘employee’.

It all started when a stray pup found his way into a branch of Hyundai, a multinational automotive manufacturer, in Brazil.

What was initially a chance encounter soon turned into regular visits, before one rainy night when the staff invited the dog in from the streets so he could stay dry.


It wasn’t long before the Hyundai Prime branch manager, Emerson Mariano, realised that the hound may no longer just be a stray but in fact part of the family.

Speaking about his new pet, Emerson explained to a local magazine: “The company has always been pet-friendly. We decided to embrace this idea in practice too.”

The World Health Organization estimates that in Brazil alone, there are over 30million abandoned animals – 20million of which are dogs.

There is one dog for every five inhabitants in large cities, with 10% of them abandoned.

It seems adoption wasn’t quite enough for Emerson though, and he wanted to extend the olive branch to his newly-named Tucson Prime with a job offer.

That’s right, Tuscon P is now the store’s official ‘Meeter & Greeter’.

Thanks to his caring and docile nature, staff say he is a natural at enticing customers through the door and entertaining them as they shop around.

Not only is he proving popular to the locals, Tucson is also quite the hit online.

The canine cutie has already amassed an impressive 157k followers, at the time of publication, keeping them updated on his 9-5 lifestyle.

We bet it won’t be long before he lands a role in a Hollywood film.


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