City of Leeds kickstarts a Kindness Revolution with one-of-a-kind wellbeing festival

Kindness doesn't cost a penny so it was a only a matter of time before such an event was born

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” We all know it costs absolutely nothing to be kind, but those who have never really experienced much kindness in their lives may struggle with the concept.

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a difficult year for almost everyone, and kindness is needed now more than ever. And that’s why we HAVE to shout about Leeds’ Festival of Kindness…

Launching on September 6, and running for an entire week, the one-of-a-kind festival is open to anyone (and everyone!) and has a different theme each day, exploring subjects such as kinder businesses, kinder relationships and self-kindness.


Sadly, the festival has been forced to go online via Zoom but guest speakers include the peace activist Satish Kumar, and representatives from Extinction Rebellion and the Co-op.

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And in the spirit of being kind and upbeat, one of the festival’s co-founders Joshua Malkin managed to find a positive to the event going virtual: “It means we are now global!”

“The space that we’re in is a space of respect for everybody and trying to make sure nobody gets left behind,” he added of the idea behind the Festival of Kindness.

“We are putting a flag in the ground for people who want to see the values of kindness, compassion and wellbeing as the prosperity we should be investing in.”

Leeds City Council is one of the partners for the event, who last year launched the Leeds Compassionate City Awards to celebrate the positive work that individuals, communities and organisations are doing in their communities.

[CREDIT: Unsplash/JohnCameron]

The Festival of Kindness will feature a big emphasis on mental health and will also mark suicide prevention day on September 10.

“We want the kindness revolution in Leeds to spread to all cities in the UK and beyond,” Joshua added. “We would encourage anyone who is involved in areas that relate to kindness, compassion and wellness to [join] and make this a national festival of kindness.”

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