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Little boy discovers he is ‘twins’ with famous athlete after adorable tweet goes viral

It all started with a photo of a rucksack...

They say you should never meet your heroes, but in this case, that philosophy won’t stick as one little boy looks set to become BFFs with his idol.

So much so, that the six-year-old even discovered he is ‘twins’ with a famous athlete.

It all started when Alexander August wanted a special backpack for school.

Not content with the average designs on the shelves, he asked his grandmother to stitch his favourite American football player’s name and number on a plain blue bag.

Only too happy to oblige, Alexander’s nan got to work with her threads to create a bag with Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts’ name and his jersey #2 emblazoned across it.


Once Alexander had been gifted the bag, mum Nikki Godfrey grabbed a photo and tweeted it alongside the caption: “When everyone thinks your kid’s name is #JalenHurts because he loves @JalenHurts and had to have a backpack with his name on it.”

To her surprise, the tweet began to gather momentum and soon caught the eye of none other than Jalen, 22, himself.

The sportsman, who now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, was even inspired to make his own identical backpack – but this time, put Alexander’s name on it instead of his own.

Sharing a snap of the bag online, Jalen tweeted: “That’s Lit, Alexander!! I had to get me a backpack with YOUR name on it too haha! #TWINS.”

Little Alexander was, of course, over the moon with mum Nikki saying he was “excited and screaming” as it took him a while to understand just what had happened.

She said: “He still is in disbelief of it… You can excel on the field and that is great, but to display a level of character that is top-notch to be a good teammate, all of the intangibles that you want for your child, I think Jalen displays those things.”

Nikki added: “It has been really cool to see that he would take the time to reach out to Alexander in that way, and I think it is a testament to his character that he has demonstrated on and off the field.

“For me, as a mum, that has been really fulfilling and really exciting to my boys be able to have that moment right now, especially in the midst of all that is going on.”

The whirlwind story is now grabbing headlines across America, with sports channel ESPN interviewing the family – and surprising them with an appearance from Jalen.

Alexander could not believe his luck and his little dropped jaw said it all.

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