Artist with three months to live cures her cancer with natural remedies

Woman remains cancer-free four years after overhauling her lifestyle.

Natural remedies are becoming more and more popular, and one woman is living proof of how powerful they can be.

Dellene Strong not only treated her cancer to make the pain more bearable, she also wiped it from her body to leave her free of the illness for four years and counting.  

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Dellene revealed how she used medicinal cannabis, revamped her diet, and reduced her stress levels to maximise her wellbeing.

Prior to diagnosis, Dellene’s life was a blur of teaching art, juggling her business, and taking care of her children. With more than 100 students coming through her doors each week, she was eventually left feeling “like a dishcloth being wrung out”.

She had no energy, was unable to eat without pain, found herself vomiting without any explanation, and was barely able to stand.


Dellene explained: “Once hospitalised and after a battery of tests, came the diagnosis. The words still ring in my head, ‘You have advanced hepatocellular carcinoma [liver cancer] and three months to live. Go home and make your funeral arrangements.’”

Dellene and her husband were in shock. Having heard of medicinal cannabis oil and its miraculous results with cancer, the couple agreed to try some before purchasing the oil from nearby Nimbin – the marijuana capital of Australia.

Dellene continued: “My husband returned with what I think of as liquid gold. The oil made me relax, I was able to eat and drink again without being in agony.

“On leaving hospital my AFP (tumour count) was 664,000, on my first oncology visit 16 days later it was 623,900, and on my second visit 10 days later it was 173,192.

“This rapid decline can only be attributed to the addition of the oil. I didn’t change anything else.”

However, on meeting with oncology doctors, the medical community enforced their mainstream beliefs and recommended chemotherapy pill, Nexavar.

While this pill would not save Dellene, just lengthen her life by a few months, she was desperate and agreed to try it.

Yet after trialling half a dose, the impact on Dellene was so grave she said it left her feeling like it “nearly killed me there and then”.

Instead, she focused on the oil and continued taking it as it offered a sense of calm.

Dellene explained: “This sense of calm was vital, as while my life pre-diagnosis did not include alcohol or smoking, it did have loads of stress.

“The next six months was an awakening via education, tweaking my diet, and spiritual practices such as meditation and journaling thoughts and affirmations.

“My life slowed, and I gained clarity; my mantra became, ‘I will be well by spring.’”

As Dellene’s new outlook began seeing results, with each oncology visit showing her tumour count dropping, she followed her intuition that Nexavar was not the answer for her and began weaning herself off – all the while, the tumour count went down.

Then with the first day of spring came wonderful news, her MRI showed no sign of cancer and a reading of just 8.

Dellene said: “I needed to detox and rid myself of years of toxins, effects of sugar and the chemotherapy chemicals. This is where my ‘natural oncologist’ came in.

“She mentored me through detox with her slant on a Mediterranean/ketogenic diet [high fat, low carbohydrate that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbs]. I’d been a vegetarian since I was 18, and at this stage I was 62, but I needed to change to good fats, eliminate sugar and limit foods with natural sugar content to fortify my liver.

“For me, I feel this will be a lifetime necessity as my liver was damaged at 15 when I contracted hepatitis A. I now realise the impact such a set-back can have.”

Nearly six years since diagnosis, Dellene’s tumour markers have been 2 or less for the last four years and eight months.

She continues her daily routine of medicinal cannabis oil at night, while also walking and painting to soothe her mind, and seeing her grandson, four, grow up.

Dellene concluded: “If I could turn back time, I’d tell myself, ‘Cancer is not a death sentence.’ I want to tell the world, ‘It’s actually a swift kick to tell you to get your life in balance, make the necessary changes to live life to the full and with gratitude.’”

As she continues to value her new lease of life, Dellene has crafted a new mantra to live each day by: ‘Be peaceful, be loving, be grateful, be kind to all people and creatures.’


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