London transforms into fantasy world as street lights up with splashes of colour

Stunning murals are lighting up Leyton High Road.

Remember when Dorothy whirls away from the black and white backdrop of Kansas to land in the colourful and vibrant land of Oz?

Well, that’s exactly what these London residents will be experiencing!

An entire high street in Leyton has been given a dramatic makeover which has transformed the local shop facades into a lively and infectious splash of colour.

[Credit: Instagram @camillewalala]

Thanks to designer Camille Walala joining forces with Wood Street Walls, who connect with artists to paint public spaces, they created the city’s largest-scale public art project.


With lashings of lilac, navy, red, yellow and monochrome, the explosion of colour has elevated the street from standard black paint to what is now known as Walala Parade.

Speaking about the project, Camille – known for graphics, interiors and fabrics that feature bright colours and bold patterns – she said she was elated to “spread positivity”.

[Credit: Instagram @camillewalala]

Camille said: “Art and colour have an amazing power to spread positivity, especially at the scale of the street.

“It’s wonderful to have an opportunity to have such a significant impact on the look and feel of an entire neighbourhood and inspiring to be part of a community-driven initiative.”

She added: “Waltham Forest is such an exciting and creative area of east London – now it’s going to look the part, too.”

[Credit: Instagram @camillewalala]

Meanwhile, Wood Street Walls founder Mark Clack said: “This will not only brighten up Leyton High Road but help to cement Waltham Forest as a growing hub for creativity and we hope it will help to inspire a new generation of artists in the area.”

The borough is indeed undergoing a major regeneration, with plans to redevelop the Mall in the heart of Walthamstow and attracting people priced out of neighbouring Hackney.

This development will not only bring significant investment to the area but also opportunity for residents in the guise of 350 new permanent retail jobs, 500 new homes, a new children’s play area, and re-landscaped town square.

[Credit: Instagram @camillewalala]

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