Find your calm in an uncertain world with this one simple tip from life guru Jay Shetty

How to create chill vibes and discover your zen.

With shorter days and darker nights looming, along with the unpredictably of our new normal, one life guru has spoken out to help people find their inner calm.

Jay Shetty says there is no ‘one size fits all’ and by tapping into our personal experiences to uncover what brings us joy means we will find our happy place more easily.

Chatting on Good Morning Britain, the inspirational speaker, 33, explained how finding a daily ritual is the key to inner peace.

Jay said: “My intention is to make wisdom go viral. I believe that some of the incredible teachings already exist, if we can share them in a relevant and accessible and practical way where people can actually live these tools in their daily life then everyone can experience this calm and peace.”


He continued: “Everyone has lost something or someone, and it’s important not to gloss over that to belittle it, or devalue it, and really accept it and understand what’s going on.

“See if you can find some certainty in your day, there’s so much uncertainty around, but what is a daily practice or a daily habit that you can do that brings you a sense of calm?

“It could be your morning tea, reading from your favourite book, listening to something that calms you down, finding a daily habit that brings you that peace.”

Jay’s extraordinary story saw the London lad reject his business school qualifications to become a monk – waking up at 4am to meditate all day and serve the community.

While he was studying, various guest speakers would deliver sessions to students and Jay was captivated after seeing a monk talk about selflessness, service and kindness.

Jay became hooked and fled to India, where he lived as a monk and learned all of the teachings that he now delivers via his social media platforms and as a guest speaker.

Speaking to GMB hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Jay added: “I think to me it’s been an unravelling of getting to my truest and most authentic self.

“Since I’ve left, I’ve put those practises into the real world and put my life into applying that. I just feel grateful and blessed and humble to live the life I live.”

Amen to that!

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