Extraordinary People

Unleash your inner superhero with captivating cartoon version of yourself

See how incredible artist can Disney-fi you!

If you’ve ever made a memoji, then one guy can take cartoon-you to the next level.

Meet Julio Cesar, an incredible artist who takes inspiration from photos and turns them into copycat illustrations with a superhero twist.

The Brazilian designer uses vibrant colours and smooth brushstrokes to transform people into world-class caricatures that would be worthy of any character in a Pixar film.

With an impressive 276k Instagram followers, Julio’s star is rising as he lists big brands DreamWorks, Nick Jr (under the Nickelodeon umbrella), and Marvel on his CV.


Speaking about his journey, Julio explained he used to study publicity and advertising but gave it all up to focus on his talents.

Julio, who says his influences are cartoons from the 80s and 90s, explained: “My inspirations come from movies, music, and other illustrators.”

He continued: “I have a lot of inspiration from Rayner Alencar, another illustrator and also a friend of mine, who always helps me with tips and new techniques on Photoshop.”

Some of the people he has featured include a little girl having her haircut, a stunning redhead with freckles lighting up her face, and a girl drinking two milkshakes at once.

There is also an eye-popping sketch of a tattooed woman with her colourful sleeve duplicated perfectly on her adorable doppelgänger.

If turning yourself into a Disney-esque dream is up your street, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Julio is open for commissions.

Simply email your request to: mz09art@gmail.com

And to spice up your timelines, follow him here: Julio Cesar Instagram

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