See just how human-like animals are in hilarious snaps from Comedy Wildlife Awards

Stunning photos show beautiful beasties going about their ways in their natural habitats.

Ever wondered what animals get up to when they’re not eating or sleeping?

Well, it turns out, pretty much the same as humans!

A wildlife photography competition has managed to capture the hilarious spirit of our animal kingdom by presenting an array of stunning creatures in their downtime.

[Credit: Brigitte Alcalay-Marcon / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020]

Aptly named the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, the objective is to snap beautiful beasties while going about their ways in their natural habitats.


From lions to bears to penguins, there is a little something for everyone no matter what your favourite species might be.

In particular, we’re big fans of the two giraffes caught on camera whereby one of them seems to be perfecting their best selfie pose as they pucker up with a big pout.

[Credit: Ken Crossan / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020]

Then there are the adorable puffins, with one of them not looking too impressed as they watch on to see their pal hogging a mouthful of fish without sharing.

There’s also a chuckling chimp, a turtle who appears to be flipping the bird, and a pair of cheeky bear cubs who are getting up to mischief by a truck.

Speaking about the competition, the founders Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, said they were “overwhelmed” by the standard of entries this year.

[Credit: Luis Marti / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020]
[Credit: Marcus Westberg / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020]

Sharing a statement on their website, they wrote: “Never have we had so many entries, and of such high quality, the judges will now settle down to many hours of sifting, scoring and selecting (with the odd cup of tea, biscuit, and light snooze thrown in no doubt).”

The winners will be announced on October 22, with members of the public invited to vote for their favourite on the website.

Paul and Tom, both professional photographers themselves, are supported by the inspiring international wildlife charity, Born Free Foundation.

The foundation works tirelessly on their ‘keep wildlife in the wild’ ethos by protecting wild animals in their natural habitat and away from being kept in captivity.

For more info, click here: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

[Credit: Tim Hearn / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020]
[Credit: Krisztina Scheeff / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020]


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