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Alcohol delivered straight to the door as ‘wine fairies’ spread their boozy magic

After a hard day’s graft, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a slurp of wine.

After a hard day’s graft, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a slurp of wine.

Only, it’s proved a little tricky lately as supermarket slots became harder to book and visits to the shop became risky business in light of the global pandemic.

However, the ‘wine fairies’ have sensed the thirst is real.

In what is quite possibly the quirkiest social philanthropy movement we have ever seen; these wine fairies have been gifting booze to residents in their neighbourhood.

[Credit: SWNS]

Of course, there is a fairy uniform too, as the Pinot Grigio pixies shimmy through the streets in tutus while tiptoeing to doors, placing their gifts, ringing bells, then flying away.


Kickstarted by local mum Cara Rindell who wanted to spread a little cheer, she began by setting-up The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine group on Facebook.

She then called for volunteers to help deliver surprise bottles of wine on doorsteps, before sparking a national fairy operation across America as other Facebook groups began popping up across the country to do the same in their local areas.

Cara’s group boasts over 51,000 members, with an additional 3,000 on the waiting list.

[Credit: SWNS]

Speaking about spreading her Chardonnay wings, Cara, 40, said: “It’s all about bringing others happiness and making new relationships.

“It starts off as a random act of kindness to a stranger and becomes a friendship with the neighbour you didn’t know you had.”

The North Carolina native added: “It was supposed to be just the Raleigh area, but now we are in ten states, hoping to eventually launch into all 50 states.

“It is called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine, but the group is co-ed and it isn’t just about wine. We want to eventually include children all the way up to grandparents.”

[Credit: SWNS]

As Cara has been discovering her entrepreneurial flair, she now hopes to create different subsidiary groups, including The Brotherhood of Booze and Beer.

There are also plans to mastermind a non-alcoholic alternative for kids.

While she is still waiting for a call from Lord Sugar to invest, the Merlot marvels have caught the eye of local businesses.

Cara continued: “Cruise lines are reaching out to me, about even having a cruise for the sisterhood.

“This group started during COVID-19, but it’s not going to stop after COVID. I think we always need to be spreading kindness and cheer.”

Who needs Santa when you have these guys!?

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