Bondi Rescue star speaks of ‘powerful presence’ after visiting sacred Aboriginal site

Bondi Rescue star Anthony 'Harries' Carroll is a big supporter of the Indigenous people in Australia

He’s best known for starring on popular television show Bondi Rescue, but now Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll is using his platform to raise awareness about the importance of Aboriginal land in Australia.

Harries recently visited a sacred site, along with his wife Emily and their son Billy, and now he is keen to share his experience with others to ensure people know just important these spaces are – including the glyphs and the surrounding archaeology.

Two men who are also dedicated to telling the story of the fascinating Indigenous people are Steven and Evan Strong.

[CREDIT: Harries Bondi Rescue]

The father and son duo believe that they have rediscovered a hidden history: The Out of Australia Theory, after being in consultation with Elders of Australia for several years.

Their latest work has involved bringing awareness to the sacred sites of the Aboriginals – some which have already been destroyed. Steven and Evan are holding a series of online conferences, with the next one taking place on September 27 that will feature a video of Harries’ visit.

Speaking ahead of the conference, Steven explained that he actually treated Harries as if he were an elder.

[CREDIT: Harries Bondi Rescue]

“He’s not involved in the politics, he just wanted to see the site – and we wanted to show people what the site is like through his eyes and that’s what we’ve tried to do,” he said.

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Speaking about his experience of visiting the sacred site, Harries said: ““I absolutely loved visiting this sacred land, what a great place, what a place full of energy. My son and my wife absolutely loved it, I feel like I must go back soon, it’s very addictive.

“I felt so much presence whist we were walking to the site just past where we all stopped and did ceremony. Then at the site I felt a very powerful presence. It was beautiful.”

[CREDIT: Harries Bondi Rescue]

Harries continued: “My wife was experiencing different feelings also, Emily had goosebumps on her arms when she got to the tree. My son and wife have never felt things like this before. I didn’t tell them anything, they were coming to me and telling me this.

“I have been contacted by people that have passed, that I tried to save on the beach. Some want closure, some say thank you for trying to save them. This has happened twice in 26 years out of over 100 deaths I have had to deal with.”

He added: “I feel that the Aboriginal ancestors are trying to give me a message to pass on to everyone in all communities about their history and their sacred sites, that need to be protected. I’ll work this code out that they are trying to deliver me. I’ve got to spread the word high and low that this is sacred land.”

Posting some photos from their special visit, Harries told his followers: “One of the best experiences of our lives was visiting a sacred site today of the Aboriginal people who shared tools and skills with the Egyptians.

“And yes there’s more archeology in our own back yard than anywhere else in the world. We live in a pretty special place. And guess what? It’s only an hour out of Sydney.”

In their latest conference, Steven and Evan will go into more detail about the threat these lands are facing and will even feature a talk with an elder named Auntie Minnie Mace.

For more information about the conference and to buy tickets, click here.


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