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Tear-jerking moment woman sobs as she hugs boy, 11, donating nappies to single mums

Cartier Carey is proving to be quite the hero in his neighbourhood.

A young boy is single-handedly flying the flag for new parents by donating nappies to single mums who are struggling, especially during lockdown.

At just eleven-years-old, Cartier Carey is proving to be quite the hero after setting-up a lemonade stand in his native Hampton, Virginia, to help his fellow neighbours.

The idea came to Cartier after he noticed the local stores were running out of essential baby products, with bare shelves during the global pandemic.

So, in order to help parents in need of diapers, Cartier kickstarted the lemonade stand to raise money for supplies and also encourage fellow residents to donate products.

And it all snowballed from there…


In his first month, the US native earned a whopping $4,500 (£3.5k) and has received over 22,000 diapers to donate to people in the area.

Each night, after the shift, Cartier and his family take down the lemonade stand and go shopping to purchase new nappies with the money they received from the day.

Chatting to ABC News, Cartier humbly said: “There were no diapers at all, and I was like, ‘Oh, people are having babies so I should help them afford diapers.”

He explained that gifting the products to those in need had been “heart-touching” and making his mother proud had been the reason that he wants to keep doing it.

One woman was so impressed by Cartier, that she broke down in tears over his random acts of kindness.

Caught on camera, she can be seen telling Cartier: “You are helping so many people. You have no idea. You see this truck? I didn’t always have this truck. I lived in a church home.

“Coming from where I came from and now here, it’s because of people like you. People gave me diapers, you know. You’re an amazing young man and you can go far.”

The family now rent a van, with hopes to purchase their own so that they can safely transport and deliver the nappies as well as purchase a building space to store them.

In order to help them, they have launched a GoFundMe page, and have so far hit $30,000 ($23k) of their $100k (£77k) target.

Now Cartier has been bitten by the humanitarian bug, there’s no stopping him either.

The little powerhouse has since launched Kids 4 Change, a youth non-profit organisation to help individuals in need.

To donate, simply click here: Cartier Carey.

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