Hope for humanity! Discover the secret of how you can reconnect with loved ones

How forgiveness is helping people find their inner zen.

Are you a ‘forgive and forget’ kinda person? Or maybe just one of them? Or neither!

Well, if you’re in the category that finds it tricky to get those forgiveness genes vibing, then we might just have found the perfect solution for you.

A forgiveness charity, which specialises in helping people to let go, offers downloadable resources that guide participants into finding their inner zen.

And it seems the coronavirus pandemic has triggered a wave of people signing-up, as lockdown has forced us to be reflective.

[Credit: Lina Trochez]

As a result, the demand for The Global Forgiveness Initiative has soared, with their website smashing 250,000 visitors per month – a cool 10 times more than last year.

The power of forgiveness not only prevents people from carrying around less negative emotions, it is also linked to reduced anxiety, depression and psychiatric disorders.


Research also shows that forgiving others equates to fewer physical health complications later in life and lower mortality rates too.

Speaking about the flurry of interest, founder William Fergus Martin says he believes that quarantine gave people an opportunity to look at their lives and ask questions.

William said: “There was a surge around about the time lockdown began, although it had already been growing as other countries went into lockdown before the UK and we translate our resources into lots of languages. It then just took off in March and April.

“People have told me that they looked for resources on forgiveness and then made contact with a family member they hadn’t been in touch with.

“It was like they were anticipating needing to get rid of the water under the bridge before engaging again with those relationships.”

[Credit: Everton Vila]

With a wide range of resources – including articles, e-books, and worksheets – people are able to not only explore forgiving others but also self-forgiveness.

Chatting to Positive News, William continued: “When you feel that way, life feels out of control and you’re anticipating making mistakes and a lot of that can be alleviated through self-forgiveness. It can give us a different perspective on ourselves.”

Indeed, it was only in learning to forgive himself that William was able to kickstart the Scotland-based charity in 2016.

While talking about his book, Forgiveness is Power, William concluded: “It was the classic case of writing the book I needed to read myself, because I wasn’t very forgiving at all.”

For more information, click here: The Global Forgiveness Initiative.

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