Insanely cute video sees blind dog learn how to run again with guide puppy of his own

Once you see this video, you won’t be able to stop watching on a loop.

Whatever your plans for this weekend, you might want to cancel them because once you’ve seen this video you won’t be able to stop watching on a loop.

In what is now our favourite Instagram profile of all time, we have discovered the incredible Tao.

Tao, a glorious Golden Retriever, was diagnosed with glaucoma and lost his vision last year and had a little trouble getting around after his eyes were removed by the vet.

However, thanks to new buddy Oko, Tao is back leaping about the fields with a guide puppy of his own.


Little Oko was just eight-weeks-old when he was introduced to Tao, now 12, as his new ‘eyes’, and now the pair are inseparable – not to mention, beyond adorable.

Chatting about how the idea came about, dog owner Melanie Jackson revealed that she wanted to do all she could to avoid putting her pet down.

Melanie explained: “Euthanasia was never an option. He’s part of our family and we have done the best we can for him.

“Tao is truly amazing and has learnt to deal with his sight loss so quickly.

“He has given me a new appreciation of blindness issues and when people meet him, they don’t always realise he’s blind.

“In fact, when we are out walking some people think he’s my guide dog because he has a sleeve on his lead saying, ‘Blind K9’.”

Speaking to local paper Somerset Live, Melanie added: “Everyone has had to adapt and change things and Tao has adapted brilliantly.

“We have sensory mats by doors now, so he knows when he’s going out. He doesn’t jump hedges anymore and tends to stay closer to me now, but he loves his walks. Tao did get overconfident recently and went on ahead of me in the field and then stopped suddenly.

“He turned to look at me, stood in a stream, with an expression of, ‘you could have warned me, mum’ on his face.”

Though Tao has since developed a new-found confidence to run again, with Oko helping him to build the stepping stones to self-esteem.

The loving and loyal relationship between the dream team has captured the heart of the Instagram army, with their profile having racked up over 20,000 followers.

Their infectious energy is often caught on camera as they play in the great outdoors, and we’re warning you, once you click here you won’t be able to stop watching.

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