Extraordinary People

Dad stunned as he pops up on TV for his miracle coffee shop built in three months

See the incredible creation he built in his backyard.

In what must have been the most surreal moment of his life, one hero dad was captured on camera as he witnessed himself appearing on TV.

It all started when Ed Astrid invested his spare lockdown hours into building a coffee shop in his backyard, creating a cosy space for those crucial caffeine fixes.

Little did he know that daughter Julianna would post his handiwork on social media as a Father’s Day tribute, showing off his skills to her followers.

Alongside the pictures, Julianna captioned the post: “Did my dad really build a coffee shop in the backyard by himself within 3 months? Absolutely.”


And little did she know, that the story would blow up and garner national attention.

Within moments, photos of the garden makeover started going viral, with the Orange County coffee shop in California accruing thousands of shares online.

Having tapped into his skills from his full-time job as a contractor, Ed used leftover and repurposed materials from his other construction work to build the DIY space.

Naming it La Vida, meaning ‘life’ in Spanish, the shop boasts a menu of four drinks all named after members of Ed’s family – including the Ju Ju Cha Cha Chai after Julianna.

Cheeky Julianna then made sure to capture the moment when her dad made the headlines, with Ed receiving the surprise of his life as he saw himself on the news.

As his daughter films him, he can be seen giggling: “What?! On the news? No! No! Are you guys serious? How did you do that? Nah! What? Is that real? How did you do that?”

Ed’s stunning design includes seating for up to six people, a table for two outside, a games area, coffee counter, microwave, TV, bookshelf, mini fridge, and pastry shelves.

When can we move in?!

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