National treasure Sir David Attenborough breaks record joining Instagram as millions flock to follow him

He's beaten Jennifer Aniston to reach 1million followers in the quickest time.

Sir David Attenborough had better watch out for an influx of propositions from tanning and tooth-whitening brands to flog their goodies on Instagram.

For the filmmaker has just magically notched up 5million followers, after only joining the social networking site on Thursday.

We say ‘magically’, though who wouldn’t want to follow the national treasure for a glimpse behind the scenes of life on this planet through the eyes of a natural historian?!

In courting such a huge army in a slither of time, Attenborough has also made history.


At 94-years-young, he has broken Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram record who previously held the title for the fastest time to reach 1million followers on Insta.

Last year, the Friends actress raced to seven figures in just five hours and 16 minutes. Last week, Attenborough pipped her to the post in four hours and 44 minutes.

Well, technically David’s team, as he himself won’t be posting.

On Thursday, the BAFTA-winner’s crew took to the global platform for his debut post, opening the caption alongside a short video with: “Hello Instagram.”

The statement continued: “David Attenborough has spent a lifetime travelling, exploring the wild places of our planet and documenting the living world in its variety and wonder.

“He’s also witnessed the damaged caused. Saving our planet is now a communications challenge. We know what to do, we just need the will.

“That’s why we want to share this message. Because there is hope and together, we can inspire change. Social media isn’t David’s usual habitat so while he’s recorded messages solely for Instagram, like the one in this post, we’re helping to run this account.

“In case you’re wondering, ‘we’ are Jonnie and Colin and we worked with David on A Life On Our Planet. So, as well as sharing the messages he’s recorded especially for this account, we’ll also post some exclusive clips and behind the scenes content.”

A Life On Our Planet hits screens on Monday, with Netflix hosting the documentary from October 4, and will see Attenborough reflect on the decline of the planet’s environment.

While Attenborough is now gracing the Guinness World Records history book pages, he still has a while to go to before becoming the most followed account of all time.

That accolade currently belongs to footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a mind-boggling 238million followers hanging onto his every word.

To follow Sir David and his team, click here: A Life On Our Planet.

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