Single parents no longer go it alone! Genius app connects mums and dads

The dating app with a twist has officially landed.

The dating app with a twist has officially landed.

Only this time, you won’t be dating romantically, but instead connecting with people on a social level who are bringing up their kids solo.

An innovative new platform, named Frolo, is linking single parents with other likeminded mums and dads who are experiencing the trials and tribulations of parenting alone.

The app invites people to discover fellow parents living in the area, according to your location, shared interests and similar aged children.

With messaging, chat functions, and a newsfeed, the platform operates “like a large friendly WhatsApp group” where advice is exchanged – everything from how to deal with bored kids, unfaithful partners, to legal issues and suggestions around employment.


The brainchild of single-mum Zoe Desmond, the idea came to her after she found herself struggling when her relationship broke down.

Speaking about how challenging the lifestyle shift was, social enterprise guru Zoe said how the simplest of tasks became unbearable as she tried to look after son Billy.

Zoe explained: “Break-ups are hard, especially when there’s a child involved. After the break-up, I felt lonely. So isolated and like an utter failure.”

She continued: “When I was little, I dreamed of having my own little family unit, so I was crushed when it didn’t work out.

“I just felt like an alien. I’d find myself just pushing the buggy around and seeing happy families everywhere. It made me feel like, ‘God, is this it now? Is this what my weekends will be like, walking around by myself?’”

With her self-esteem at rock bottom, and the physical pain of seeing other families, Zoe knew she wanted a change if not for herself, then for Billy.

The split, coupled with feeling like a fish out of water having moved from her native Dublin to London, triggered Zoe to begin hatching plans for her single parents app.

And so, Frolo was born, a portmanteau of ‘friend’ and ‘solo’.

Zoe then set about crafting an online community, bringing people together to become a positive, empowering, and supportive force for one another while in a safe space.

She hoped to show that despite the lonely experience of a separation, meeting fellow single parents could offer understanding, friendship, playdate companions, and support.⁠

Fast-forward one year, and Frolo is going strong; the app now has 10,000 users across the UK and Ireland as it celebrates its first birthday.

Chatting about the milestone, Zoe said: “Thinking about the impact that Frolo has had on mine and my little boy’s world fills me with emotion and gratitude because it has been transformational. I see that lots of others in the community are having the same experience, which makes me feel so happy and proud.”

To get involved, click here: Frolo.


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