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Meet the woman who’s hoping to spread positivity with her hilarious podcast

Writer Jackie Adedji will have you laughing out loud when you tune into an episode of her show

It’s not always easy to remain positive and upbeat thanks to the ups and downs of life, and 2020 in particular has been a rough year for pretty much everyone.

But one person who always manages to look on the bright side of life is the wonderful Jackie Adedeji. The journalist and podcast personality is the definition of bubbly, and is on a mission to uplift others too.

In May 2019, she started her very own podcast ‘Jackie Big Tits’ and she’s already 22 episodes in.

Uspire caught up with Jackie to find out how she turned her podcast dreams into reality and how it came to have such an unforgettable name – we know you’re all singing The Kooks song to yourself right now!

Not shy when it comes to talking about her big boobs, Jackie told us: “I have been called Jackie Big Tits all of my life – no literally!

“As soon as I turned 10, I s**t you not these breasts just grew out of nowhere! Damn, now where did that athlete career go?! I was so upset. Who did I anger in this life for this?

“Running for the bus meant I had to hold my boobs, and of course it wasn’t long till a boy in P.E said, ‘Oi jackie big tits move out the way!’ and then that became my name, and then The Kooks brought out Jackie Big Tits, and then I sort of became a boobie icon to my school friends.”

Explaining why she decided to start her very own podcast, Jackie explains: “I tell everybody everything, and I ask so many questions.

“I have always been direct to the point, address the elephant in the room, say it how it is, and I always knew I could do something with it, and I thought a podcast would be brilliant, no censorship, just me.

“Now what would I call the name of it? Oh yes, that’s right.. the not so elephant in the room – my boobs. The thing people say they didn’t realise even though we both know you see them. I mean, heck I see them! This conversation gets very awkward when your uncle asks you the name of your podcast…”

She continues: “And just like that, Jackie Big Tits was born and I started off my first episode talking about a time I got dumped. Yikes. But c’mon we have all been dumped! You essentially get to follow my life, and we all sort of learn together.”

Referring to how she comes up with the premise for each episode, Jackie says: “I am always reading, learning, educating myself, talking to strangers and so sometimes I am literally on the LOO, and I’m like, ‘yep okay I want to talk about diet culture, or mental health’ or.. what feels incredibly timely to White Britain (except black people have been talking about this for hundreds of years) racism.

“I have had my sister on, my friends, really incredible influencers, writers, actors or. Now I just need to warm my boyfriend up!”

Uspire are certainly massive fans of Jackie Big Tits and we can guarantee each and every episode will have you laughing out loud – and that’s exactly Jackie’s intention.

“I just want my listeners to have a laugh, I like to think of myself as everyone’s friend, and I want people to feel like they know me, that they have a friend in me and that we are all the same,” she says.

“You’re not the only one who wakes up at the crack of dawn wanting a bucks fizz and a bacon butty, or the only person who sometimes looks over people’s shoulders when they’re texting on the tube, or has eye sex with strangers (pre-covid).. we all do it!

“But also we are all human. Shared stories are like alchemy, like gold, and at a time like this it’s important to feel more connected than ever, and I just like to make people happy.”

Sharing her words of wisdom on how she manages to keep a smile on her face, Jackie adds: “Positivity is everything, life is what we make of it. And sometimes I am not always feeling positive but I will always share messages that uplift me, in hope it will do the same for others.

“As long as I have any kind of platform, I will always share the trials and triumphs, things will always work out, even if it feels crap right now. My column in Metro also shows little fragments of my life experiences, single shaming, overcoming, boobs you name it. But that’s me!

“I discovered this brilliant word called ‘sonder’ the other day and it essentially means every passerby, every person we meet, all our lives on earth are just as complex and complicated and beautiful as each other. How dreamy? And you know what, life is a beautiful chaos, and I am good with that.”

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