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Teen McDonald’s server pays for customer after she forgets purse before she thanks him in BEST possible way

Proof that karma works!

If you’ve ever placed an order for food then reached into your pocket to realise your purse is missing, you’ll know what it feels like when it comes between you and your Big Mac.

But one woman received the surprise of her life when a boy stepped in to pay for her.

Brittany Reed was looking forward to a fuss-free dinner via the McDonald’s drive-thru after a long day at football practice with her children, aged seven and four.

However, when she reached the window, she realised she had misplaced her wallet and was not prepared for the random act of kindness about to unfold.

By the time she realised she had no cash or cards, Brittany had already requested the items and the team had begun making her meals under the golden arches.

It was then that her knight in shining armour came to the rescue as employee Wyatt Jones said he’d happily pay for the food.

Hoping to repay the boy, Brittany later returned to the Waynesville, Ohio branch in America after she had driven home to collect her wallet so that she could reimburse him.

Though Wyatt didn’t take a penny, and said the treat was on him.  

Taken aback by his generosity, Brittany took to Facebook to post about the incident and express her deep gratitude.

Writing on social media, Brittany said: “I just want his parents to know how kind and compassionate your son was tonight!

“He made this stressed out momma pause for a moment and realise this is exactly what we parents are trying to do, raise great humans.

“Wyatt, do not let this world change your kind heart young man for its people like YOU that will change this world for the better.”

Although the cherry on the cake, or rather flake in the McFlurry, came after Brittany heard that Wyatt was saving up to buy a car.

In an effort to help, she kickstarted a GoFundMe campaign on his behalf, which has so far raised a whopping $32,000 (£25k) for him.

To help donate, click here: Be Like Wyatt.

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