Tickle your taste-buds with delicious cookies and cakes to become black history ally

Join the virtual bake sale to celebrate Black History Month.

What better way to raise awareness and stamp out racism than to devour sugary treats and help education evolve all in one go?

So, hats off to London Bakers Against Racism who are managing to do just this.

The team are kickstarting Black History Month with a virtual bake sale to raise money for The Black Curriculum, an organisation who address the lack of black British history taught in UK schools to make sure that all young people feel represented.

Founded in 2019, The Black Curriculum is a social enterprise on a mission to spark change by delivering arts-focused black history programmes, as well as teacher training.

Their programmes – which they hope to see on the national curriculum – are for all young people and equip them with a sense of identity and the tools for a diverse world.

Okay, but how does this relate to a bake sale?

Thanks to the huge success of Bakers Against Racism – a US-based project who encourage people to bake and sell cakes to help donate to organisations that are ensuring a fair election, preserving everyone’s right to vote, and creating pathways for true equality – a group of Brits have taken the baton and are following the lead.

Taking place on October 11, the UK sale will feature treats to tantalise your taste-buds from brownies, cookies, pies and macarons galore.

All the cash will then go towards The Black Curriculum for further resources.

Online pre-sales are now open, with buyers later collecting goods on Sunday from 11am to 2pm at two locations – The Hearth in Queen’s Park or Esters café in Stoke Newington.

Speaking about the initiative, co-owner and chef at Esters, Nia Burr, said: “I’d heard about Bakers Against Racism in the US on social media, so when one of our regulars, pastry chef Adri, said she was organising bakers here in east London for a July sale, offering up our space and donating bakes felt like the least we could do.

“North-east and north-west London had separate bake sales last time, and we raised £3k each. We’re hoping to double our impact now that we’ve joined up.”

Meanwhile, co-founder and director of The Hearth, Oi Leng Lui, said: “It’s so important that the community comes together to pitch in and bake sales are incredibly accessible and heart-warming. Not only do they make the most delicious treats, the bakers are also helping to raise awareness of the important work of charities like The Black Curriculum.”

To get involved, just click here: London Bakers Against Racism.

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