Who runs the world? Girls! Epic online event to celebrate all things female empowerment

Three-day extravaganza takes place across October 9-11.

Girls are made of sugar and spice, and all things nice… and intelligence, creativity, independence, humour, curiosity, individuality, open-mindedness, and wisdom.

And to celebrate just what it takes; International Day of the Girl is being honoured with an epic three-day event of activity promoting female empowerment across October 9-11.

Girls and non-binary activists will connect online to discuss ideas around climate, gender equality, human right, and education to establish a new network and address the needs that they have and the challenges they continue to face.

International Day of the Girl is recognised globally after it was declared an observance day by the United Nations.

Kickstarting in 2012, the day continues to support more opportunity for girls and increase awareness of gender inequality faced by females worldwide.

This inequality includes areas such as access to education, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women and forced child marriage.

Reaching over 20 schools from Somerset to Singapore, the Women of the World [WOW] foundation and Mulberry Schools Trust have curated a stunning line-up of webinars.

In addition to this, a global online directory has been launched on the WOW website to provide a platform where inspiring activists can share work with girls all over the world.

Speaking about the venture, WOW founder, Jude Kelly, said: “We’ve set out to find brilliant girls from across the globe who, despite tremendous obstacles, are demonstrating creativity and courage to change the world and empower others.

“The range of things the girls that we are working with have already done is staggering. We must create spaces for them to continue, we must champion them as the future. 2020 has so far shown itself to be an age of division but within that we are seeking to build networks across cities, countries and continents.

“It is in their lifetime the UN goal of gender equality by 2030 should have been reached.”

[Credit: Katy-Anne]

She added: “These girls are showing us how to build a more equal world and how to imagine a better future across human rights, education, environment, sports and business, for a fairer, more sustainable planet.

“We are seeing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women around the world, from labour markets to domestic spaces – on the frontline and in the home.

“For younger girls everywhere much has changed already, child marriage is rapidly increasing, access to education is diminishing, often girls are the ones who have to help with household chores or increased childcare. There are great concerns that doors we’ve previously fought to open will begin to close again during this crisis.

“It is essential that we urgently work alongside the next generation to keep these open and ensure we are empowering them against existing gender inequalities.”

Meanwhile, CEO of the Mulberry Schools Trust and Headteacher of Mulberry School for Girls, Dr Vanessa Ogden, said the conference will provide a platform for girls in their advocacy for each other and for boys to show their support for equality.

She said: “Our global sisterhood is important to us and we hope girls can be active change-makers in the range of issues affecting their world.”

Activists involved in the extravaganza include Amika George, founder of Free Periods; Hayat Muse, youth activist and co-founder of Kow iyo Labo; and Heba Rose Ahmed, a human rights and anti-racist activist who was responsible for 15,000 people attending the Black Lives Matter protest at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester earlier this year.

To get involved, click here: International Day of the Girl.

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