Stunning travel photos to take your breath away and inspire you where to visit next

Check out these 15 images of incredible landscapes.

If you’ve already staycationed this year and are ready to jump on a flight, then these stunning travel photos might just help inspire you for where to fly on an adventure.

The eclectic array of landscapes will take your breath away, from the avenue of ancient trees in County Antrim, Northern Ireland to the safari trip in Zambia.

It is hard to pick a favourite, though we are torn between the colours colliding on Varadero beach, Cuba; the sunrise photo in Bratislava, Slovakia; and Nachi no Taki, one of the tallest single-tiered waterfalls in Japan.

While the government continues to assess travel guidelines during the pandemic, airlines are operating safely and people with the travel bug can continue holidaying abroad.

[Credit: Kay Ludwig, colours collide on Varadero beach, Cuba]
[Credit: Christina Theuerkauf, Sheikh Sayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi]
[Credit: Jonathan Gatzer, the sun sets on the day’s safari trip in Zambia]

Thanks to the CEWE Photo Award crew, the world’s largest photo competition, they have released the images to help galvanise us into booking our next trip.  

The 15 snaps were submitted as part of the travel and culture category of this year’s competition, which aims to celebrate the best in photography across the globe.

Speaking about the competition, photo expert at CEWE UK, Clare Moreton, said: “It might be a few months more before we can travel in a more familiar way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy planning where we might go on our next trip, or looking back at the great memories made whilst travelling abroad.

“The travel and culture category of the CEWE Photo Award is a great place for amateur and professional photographers to share their best photos of travels past and present.”

[Credit: Steve Allen, avenue of ancient trees County Antrim, Northern Ireland]
[Credit: Andreja Ravnak, a visit to Venice during the famous carnival]
[Credit: Meike Heidemann, a rider on a rock in Monument Valley, Arizona]

She added: “We’re looking forward to looking at all the great snaps submitted by budding photographers to this year’s competition.”

The global photo competition aims to unite us all by not only connecting picture enthusiasts across the globe, but also to showcase and celebrate our earth’s beauty.

Using the slogan, ‘our world is beautiful’, there are ten different categories to submit your greatest photos for the 2021 CEWE Photo Award title.

[Credit: Lorraine Yip, Nachi no Taki, one of the tallest single-tiered waterfalls in Japan]
[Credit: Artur Pardo, children gather near a fish market in Manila, Philippines]
[Credit: Ivan Banovic, pirate ships replaced by sailing boats in Omiš, Croatia]
[Credit: Marius Godoi, ancient citadel of Acropolis in Athens, Greece]

The team are also dedicated to helping charities globally, donating 10 Euro cents to SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide for each photo entered, meaning that just by taking part you are having a positive impact on the lives of children throughout the world.

There are also plenty of prizes, with first place enjoying a holiday of their choice worth €15,000, plus €7,500 of photography equipment and €2,500 of CEWE products, as well as an award presented to them personally at a special awards ceremony in Germany.

This is followed by the traditional second and third place, alongside a staggering number of prizes to hand out right through to 1000th place.

For more info, click here: CEWE Photo Awards.

[Credit: Thierry Den Hartog, a picture postcard scene on the river in Strasbourg, France]
[Credit: Daniel Mirisch, rainbow lights play on the side of a bridge in Cahors, Southern France]
[Credit: Nicola Montfort, a gondolier stops to take a call in this shot, taken in Venice]
[Credit: Nico Barner, boats on the beach of Praia do Sono, Brazil]

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