Save cash on bills as reducing energy has never been so easy with ‘green shopping aisle’

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While the ‘save the planet’ message is earning the headlines it deserves, it can be hard to access the right equipment for eco-friendly living from our local shops.

Though a new incentive named ‘The Green Aisle’ is launching at Homebase to help environmentally-conscious customers create a home that aligns with sustainable living.

The aisle, decked out with a real grass walkway and a canopy of foliage and butterflies, is aesthetically inviting and like falling down the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland.  

Decked out with everything from energy-efficient home improvement products, as well as information on how to get a smart meter installed, the initiative is being introduced at branches in Haringey in London, Edinburgh, Bridgend, Birmingham, and Leeds to begin.

Items on the aisle also include washing machines, fridge freezers, eco-friendly paint, insulation, draught excluders, and smart appliances.

The rise of smart meters allows consumers to manage their domestic energy consumption more effectively, and consequently help tackle the climate crisis, as the self-reading gas and electricity meters show how much energy is being used in real-time and is therefore believed to lead people to make smarter choices such as not overfilling the kettle each time it boils or not leaving televisions on standby mode.

With a whopping 74% of Brits wanting to make their homes greener, but not knowing where to start, ‘The Green Aisle’ was created as a way to help them.

[Credit: Riccardo Annandale]

Speaking about the aisle, DIY expert and Big Brother champ Craig Phillips said: “I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their homes by making small changes which have a big impact, the same is true for taking small energy efficiency measures in the home.

“It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to making greener choices.”

He added: “The Green Aisle helps make this process even easier for people by identifying which products are more environmentally-friendly, and likewise, understand the positive impact they can have.”

If you are looking to save on bills, it is said a household can save up to £581 on energy each year by implementing more efficient measures ­– that’s an average weekly salary.

As well as saving pennies, households could save up to 2,141 kg of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of enough energy to power the lights in 27 homes in the UK for a year.

For more info, or to buy online, click here: The Green Aisle.

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