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Meet the empowerment coach helping people deal with trauma

The months of lockdown and loss have had a huge impact on us all.

2020 has had a massive impact on people’s mental and physical wellbeing. The months of lockdown and loss have had a huge impact on us all, and the pandemic has caused a detrimental effect on Brits’ mental health.

Emmy Brunner, CEO of The Recover Clinic, a leading London outpatient clinic and online recovery programme for trauma, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, recently published a mini-book, Trauma Redefined, designed to help you take control of your journey to better mental health.

In 2007 Emmy founded The Recover Clinic, and subsequently turned her attention to her new venture, The Brunner Project. The initiative was created to assist with providing essential information and financial support to some of the amazing, not-for-profit organisations that are on a mission to redefine mental health treatment.

Uspire chatted to Emmy about her incredible team at The Recovery Clinic, her enthusiasm towards The Brunner Project and what’s next.

Opening up about the services at The Recover Clinic, Emmy explains: “The Recover Clinic was born from a passion I held to treat people as opposed to ‘diagnosis’. I believe that all of what we describe as ‘mental illness’ are responses to trauma and that when we learn more loving and nurturing coping strategies, we begin to heal.

“My clinic offers substantial outpatient and online programs that include everything from 1-2-1 psychotherapy to sex and relationship groups. The clinic began as my own private practice and has since grown into the most wonderfully nurturing community.”

Emmy added that her focus was to help women “become empowered,” adding: “My aim was to build a community of support for women who have experienced trauma and to empower women to heal and to realise their highest vision for themselves. I continue to explore different ways of helping women to become empowered and to realise they can manifest lives that they’d previously never dreamed of.”

Having been established for 15 years now, the response has been overwhelming and The Recover Clinic has since become Europe’s leading outpatient clinics.

“Our online services are also now available to those based in the United States as well,” she says. “We have been running for 15 years now and I think this is testament to the clinic being grounded in loving and spiritual values.”

Emmy, who is a Psychotherapist, Spiritual Recovery Coach, Author and Mental Health Speaker, “wants people to know that regardless of their journey or experiences, we are capable of profound healing”. She continues: “Through my clinic we have created a space where people feel seen, heard and held…which are rare things.”

Explaining her experience in the sector, Emmy adds: “I have been a clinician for the last 17 years. As well as being the CEO of The Recover Clinic, my work today is focused upon working 1-2-1 with dynamic and ambitious women with whom I create bespoke packages that allow them to connect to their most authentic selves and reach their highest potential.”

Alongside The Recover Clinic, Emmy is also behind The Brunner Project which is on a mission to redefine mental health treatment by making it more accessible, personal and open for everyone.

“My aim is to allow as many other wonderful organisations to benefit from the healing and community that we’ve created at The Recover Clinic,” she replies.

What’s the plan for the future? “I’m looking to create and expand on our digital offerings to enable even more to benefit from the teachings that we share at my clinic,” she responds. “We are also about to launch an ‘embodied stories’ group at my clinic which is elevating the trauma healing work that we offer to a new and dynamic level.

“I love what I do, I’m very grateful for my own recovery and to be in a position to offer others something that I’ve learnt myself.”


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