Proof that saying ‘I love you’ to dogs sets their heartbeat racing

New study shows how dogs respond to different stimuli.

No matter what you do for your pet pooch, it can seem like all they want to do is catch twigs and play with balls all day.

But dog owners are in for a treat, as now there’s evidence to show that canines love their masters and mistresses just as much as they thrive on getting mucky in the park.

It is now proven that saying ‘I love you’ to our dogs is of just as much benefit to them as it is to us as their heartbeat soars on hearing the declaration of adoration.

[Credit: Oscar Sutton]

A new study, conducted by Canine Cottages, equipped four pups with heart rate monitors, before they were guided through a series of events over a one-week period.

The objective was to see how they would react to a variety of different stimuli.

On average, the four dogs had a resting heart rate of 67 beats per minute.

However, when their owners said, ‘I love you,’ the pets’ heart rates saw a whopping 46.2% increase and shot up to 98 beats per minute.

[Credit: Chewy]

Similarly, there were heart rate spikes when dogs simply set eyes on their owners, with a 10.4% boost to heart rate.

Meanwhile, some scenarios had a zen effect, with cuddle time on the sofa seeing a 22.7% decrease in pulse activity.

It’s not only humans who have a positive impact on dogs, it is also believed animals can improve both mental and physical health for children and adults.

[Credit: Chewy]

Pets are said to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve cardiovascular health.

For kids, caring for an animal can help them grow up to be more secure and active, while also teaching them about grief in a manageable way should their pet pass away.

Pets also provide valuable companionship for the elderly and are recommended to combat loneliness as they are a great source of comfort and motivation for owners.

If you’re tempted to invite a furry friend into your home, start by taking a peek here: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

[Credit: Eric Ward]

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