Perfect drinking water created from just sunlight and air

New cutting-edge creation is helping community who were forced to drink from murky water.

As the world’s technology continues to advance, it can feel like we are forever glued to screens or learning to adapt to the latest gadget.

And sometimes, it can mean we forget to celebrate the incredible innovations taking place across the globe that are literally saving lives.

So, put your hands together for the cutting-edge creation producing water out of air.

The first technology of its kind, the new SOURCE Hydropanel makes, stores, and dispenses clean, mineralised water.

It operates thanks to the fans embedded in panels, powered by energy generated from the sun. The fans draw in air, with the water-absorbing material known as ‘hygroscopic traps’ collecting vapour from the atmosphere which will later be condensed into a liquid. It is then that the mineral is added to ensure the water produced is clean.

The environmentally-friendly device is now proving to be a lifeline to an indigenous community in Palawan, Philippines.

While the area is a tourist hotspot, with the little slice of heaven brimming with exotic wildlife and quaint fishing villages, the residents of Binta’t Karis have no access to water.

One of the main hurdles is that the community is located by the Mount Mantalingahan Protected Landscape, meaning its water infrastructure is working against gravity.

Consequently, this makes it tricky to install water support similar to places on lower terrains and locals were forced to fetch water by foot from the river around the mountain.

They would often return home with buckets of murky water, left with no choice but to drink contaminated water and risk their health with dehydration, diarrhoea and disease.

Now, there is a ray of hope, as US-based company SOURCE has joined forces with environmental organisation Conservation International to lodge 40 Hydropanels.

Not only will the panels provide enough clean water for the next 15 years, they will also eliminate the time spent walking for miles each day to fetch water – predominantly mothers and teenagers – and allow them to focus on other activities that benefit them.

For more info, click here: SOURCE Hydropanels.

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