Aboriginal Elder finds ancient artefact which contains 24% of unidentified metal

The mysterious object was discovered in New South Wales between engraved sandstone walls

An Aboriginal Elder has found a metal object that contains 24 per cent of unidentified material between engraved sandstone walls near New South Wales, Australia.

There are 300 hieroglyphs, known as the Gosford Glyphs, engraved into the three sandstone walls in Kariong – which is one of several sacred Aboriginal sites.

The elder, Aunty Minnie Mace, was accompanying one of the first recent non-Original people, Raymond Johnson, to investigate the glyphs and what they meant, and that’s when she discovered the artefact, along with what she thought was a fragment of a human bone.

“It was during my third trip to the Glyphs, I saw rocks that were manuported, as well as grinding grooves up at the Aboriginal site,” Aunty Minnie explained.

[Credit: Samarah Wood]

“We were driving back to Sydney with about 10 rock samples – one of which was as big as a tennis ball and had a small glint of metal on its surface. I had a nail file and used that to scratch around it.

“By the time we reached Sydney I had a bag of dirt from around that amulet. I suspect it was one of the instruments used to carve the Glyphs as one side is thinner and jagged. When I showed Ray, he said it was shaped like the wall around the ancient city of Troy.”

The bone found by Aunty Minnie was examined by the Head of the Fractures Unit and the team responsible for operating the cat scan unit at the local Base Hospital. It was agreed that it had the “density of a human bone” and that it was “ancient”.

By association with the bone and its proximity to Proto-Egyptian hieroglyphs, it is fair to assume that the metal object found there is also “ancient”.

[Credit: Samarah Wood]

Steven Strong and his son Evan are dedicated to telling the story of the fascinating Indigenous people, and go into more detail about the ancient artefacts in a series of online conferences.

“To me, this is the most important artefact I have. This is one artefact that questions everything,” Steven explained.

“This artefact was measured by the Southern Cross University Environment Analytical Laboratory, under the supervision of the Head Scientist, Graham Lancaster.

“Graham begged me for permission to analyse this particular object that Aunty Minnie found. I asked Auntie Minnie for permission and she gave it to me.”

Steven continued: “When you look at the artefact, you can see the bit that was cut. The cut itself, they then analysed it and this is what they found… It is 73 per cent aluminium, three per cent copper and 24 per cent metals that are not on any periodic table on this planet.

“This is what the science tells me: one quarter of this doesn’t come from this planet. And if you think it’s recent, the last time aluminium was mixed with copper – it is now around 12 per cent – but when it was three per cent, that’s 3,000 years ago.

“So we know it’s ancient. Secondly, is aluminium found in Egypt? No it’s not. But it was found. So what we have here, it’s not just Egyptian, it’s not from here. It just isn’t from here,” Steven adds.

A thorough analysis of the individual constituents found within conducted by EAL at Southern Cross University has returned more questions and ruled out any chance this was manufactured by, or sourced from, Egypt.

The artefact bears a copper level unknown today and common so long ago and it’s also worth noting that aluminium was never mined or smelted in ancient Egypt.

Pair that with the fact that it was found between three engraved sandstone walls chronicling the arrival of Aliens and Egyptians, it certainly raises the question as to where it could be from.

In all historical accounts detailing the early development of aluminium, no-one has ever mentioned Australia as it did not reach their shores until the twentieth century. So just how did this artefact end up in the sacred site of Kariong?

Chapter 5 of Steven and Evan’s online conference will take place on October 24 and October 25 (depending on your time zone) and will feature a very special guest – Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll from Bondi Rescue.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit


  1. If 24% of sthing is unknown, why should it come from outside of the universe!

    The son of french oceonologist said, we dont know the 2/3 part of the oceans. Maybe there is nothing unknown, maybe there are some….


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